Fratricidal Concelebration – 2015 – Sliptrick
Precept Of Delator – 2016 – Via Nocturna
Deheadment For Betrayal – 2018 – Via Nocturna

Lectern image
S= Chthonian Nemeton, Corpsefucking Art, Perfidy Biblical, Demonian, Putrid Dismemberment>>FABIO BAVA>>Corpsefucking Art, Perfidy Biblical, Chthonian Nemeton, Demonian, Putrid Dismemberment
G= Enrico Romano - Perfidy Biblical, Sudden Death>>PIETRO SABATO>>Perfidy Biblical, Sudden Death - GABRIELE CRUZ
B= Perfidy Biblical, Demonian, Putrid Dismemberment, The Brainwash>>FABIO BAVA>>Perfidy Biblical, Demonian, Putrid Dismemberment, The Brainwash

This black/death metal band was founded in Rome, Italy in 1999. The act was influenced by the Florida death metal sound. The group issued a demo called Bisbetical soon. The group went away, but inevitably returned in 2008 and issued a demo called Salvific Of Perhaps Lambent in 2010. It featured one of the hippest cover models ever. In the meantime, every single guitarist who was able to walk or crawl in Italy joined and left the band. Bava himself would join and leave acts on a regular basis. A self-titled demo appeared in 2014 but the cover model was nowhere as sexy.

Having signed with Italy-based Sliptrick the gang came to the podium with its debut album in 2015. The group opened for Angra and Sepultura. The group opened for Incantation in Latvia next. The second album was on a second label. Gabriele Cruz was added in 2016. The band joined the Deadly Storm festival in Brazov, Czech Republic in March 2017. The group Lectern played at the Helsinki Death Fest in May and headlined Rometal in September. The group toured with Anal Vomit in June and July 2018.