Malevolent Rapture - 2006 - Massacre
Sons Of The Jackal - 2007 - Massacre
Cult Of The Dead - 2008 - Massacre
Descent Into Chaos - 2011 - Massacre
Ravenous Plague - 2014 - Napalm
Slaves Of The Shadow Realm – 2019 - Napalm

S= Bethlehem, Deinonychus, Bestial Summoning>>MAURICE SWINKELS
G= Inhume>>Richard Ebisch>>Kill Division
B= Sauron, Disinfest, Bunkur, Soulburn>>TWAN FLEUREN>>Bunkur, Soulburn - Mangled, Inhume, Disgorge>>HAROLD GIELEN>>Mangled, Disgorge
D= Disinfest>>ERIK FLEUREN

Maurice Swinkels who had decided to put aside his long running act Occult in favour of the new name and line-up put Limburg thrashers Legion Of The Damned together in 2005. Twan Fleuren left the group in 2006 to concentrate on his family and day job. The second album would be supported through a set of dates opening for Kreator and Celtic Frost.

The group would announce in 2007 that the Occult album Elegy for the weak would be reissued by the new band in 2008 and be entitled Feel The Blade. Te band released a new album called Cult Of The Dead, on December 19th through Massacre Records. Legion Of The Damned would release a new album, Descent Into Chaos, on January 7th, 2011 through Massacre Records. The album was recorded at Abyss Studio. Legion Of The Damned lost guitarist Richard Ebisch and replaced him with Twan Van Geel. To start 2013, Legion Of The Damned signed a worldwide deal with Napalm Records. The band also picked up guitarist Hein Willekens. The Dutch thrash metal band would release a new album, Ravenous Plague, in January 2014 through Napalm Records. Andy Classen is producing it. Twan Van Geel of Flesh Made Sin was on guitar. The Netherlands-based Legion Of The Damned was back after five years and would release an album called Slaves Of The Shadow Realm through Napalm Records in January 2019. It was produced by Andy Classen. Legion Of The Damned would play at PartySan Metal Open Air Festival 2019, which was to take place in Schlotheim, Germany in August 2019. Deicide, Satan, Testament, Belphegor, Devangelic and others were also confirmed.



Legion Of The Damned