Life Is Hard… But That's No Excuse At All - 1988 - Funhouse
Godservation - 2001 - Relapse
Ad Nauseum - 2009 – Horror Pain Gore Death

Lethal Aggression image
S= Robot Dicks>>JOHN SALTZ>>Robot Dicks
G= Fallen Angel>>Rob De Froscia>>Breakdown – DEREK BEEKMAN – The C.O.A.S.T.>>RAVI REDDY>>The C.O.A.S.T., Necrotic Disgorgement, Pitboss 2000
B= Savage Rose, Incubus>>George Yeck – The C.O.A.S.T., The Conquering>>CHARLIE TAYLOR>>The C.O.A.S.T., The Conquering
D= Ken Lund>>Solace – NATHAN ALLEN

This was a fast crossover band from New Jersey. The group was formed by singer Saltz, bassist Spencer Crowell and drummer Phil in 1984 in the heyday of the style and quickly introduced social and humorous lyrics with fast rhythms as its ploy. The three were jamming for a year and a half before they became Lethal Aggression. Spencer and Phil left in September of 1985 and were replaced by George Yeck and Kenny Lund. Early drummer Filthy Phill G. and bassist George Yeck would die before old age. The group’s From The Cunt Of The Fucking Whore demo of 1985 was a tape trader staple. USA-based Mutha Records was about to sign the band, but things fell apart. The Cunt demo would be reissued on CD, alongside the vault recording Godservation, by Relapse Records in 2001. Demo 1986 came in that year. The band played shows with DRI in Texas. The band appeared on the Complete Death II compilation courtesy of Metal Blade’s Death Records. Subliminal Erosion was a 1990 single. Just Killed Rock ‘N Roll II was a 1991 single. Shows opening for Agnostic Front, Carnivore and DRI followed. The band hit Europe alongside Youth Of Today in 1989.

The band burned out by 1991 and went away to clean itself up before returning in 2001. Life Is Hard was remastered, tagged with a 2006 demo and issued in 2007. Ad Nauseum came in 2009. The band was Saltz, guitarists Beekman and Reddy, bassist Taylor and drummer Nathan Allen. Charlie Taylor was in the band from 2001 until 2010 having replaced bassist Todd. The band participated on a split EP with Vulcan, BSOM and Mental Funeral in 2009. 714 A.D. Demontrvitus was a 2015 demo. The group disbanded again in 2016. Saltz died of a heart attack at this juncture. The band was heard on a split EP called NJ made in 2020 nevertheless.

The band alternately called itself drunkcore and drugcore in the early days.



Lethal Aggression