LILITU>>Blood Promise - USA

The Earth Gods - 2001 - Emerald Factory
The Delores Lesion - 2004 - The End

S= DEREK BONNER>>Blood Promise
G= DEREK BONNER>>Blood Promise - JASON PIONNA>>Blood Promise
B= Chris Todd
K= Avian>>JONAH WEINGARTEN>>Blood Promise, Pyramaze

Lilitu was formed in 1995 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. A cassette recording called Our Vessels Of The Sea became the band’s first demo. Servants Of Twilight followed, as did a 1998 demo. The Earth Gods was next as was a 2002 demo called Memorial. The group next recorded The Delores Lesion, which was picked up and distributed by The End Records. Noah Martin of Avian replaced Chris Todd, but the group broke away and changed names to Blood Promise, which was the name of a song by Swans, at this juncture.


Lilitu, the melodic death band that's surprisingly from Georgia (!), is an interesting study in cross-continental equivalence. Whereas the aforementioned subgenre was once limited only to the sunless winters of Scandinavia, twin leads with death vox has now transcended any national manifestation and finds itself in the most uncanny of places (see also: metalcore). Lilitu is traditional melodic death to the hilt, recalling classic In Flames and At The Gates, though the Tomas Lindberg reference must be taken with a slight caveat: Lilitu never enters the same realms of subversion that those who Slaughtered the Soul did. No matter, as The Delores Legion is an explosion of melodic-inflected quasi-death metal, a record that not only rekindles hope for an old(er) sound, but is inspiring enough to revisit the records that no doubt played a hand in putting together this group. Strong song-writing is abound, as the construction of the tunes on The Delores Legion stands as its pinnacle; in essence, this is well, well written stuff, showing real compositional maturity. I could have done without the Dimmu circa '98 keys, but I guess that's how Lililtu differentiates itself from the once-crowded melodic death pack. A surprisingly high-brow band but, then again, high-brow is the usual presupposition with The End Records. - David Perri