Moon In The Scorpio - 1996 - Nocturnal Art
In Abhorrence Dementia - 1997 - Nocturnal Art
Ad Noctum Dynasty Of Death - 2000 - Nocturnal Art
The Ultimate Death Worship - 2002 - Nocturnal Art
Legacy Of Evil - 2007 - Nocturnal Art

Limbonic Art image
S= Infinite Decay, Zyklon, Sarcoma Inc.>>DAEMON [VIDAR JENSEN]>>Zyklon, Sarcoma Inc.
G= Infinite Decay, Zyklon, Sarcoma Inc.>>DAEMON [VIDAR JENSEN]>>Zyklon, Sarcoma Inc.- Dimension F3H, Immemoreal>>MORFEUS [KRISTER DREYER]>> Dimension F3H, Immemoreal
D= Per Eriksen>>Peccatum

Limbonic Art was formed in 1993 by Daemon and originally was a quartet. Daemon recruited Morfeus after losing two members. They recorded two demo tapes -Promo tape 1995 and 1996 - and obtained a contract with Nocturnal Art Productions. The label released the 1996 tape on disc before issuing Moon In The Scorpio. The group opened for Emperor across Europe in 1997 being signed to the label of Samoth of Emperor. The band also appeared on the stage at 2001’s Milwaukee Metalfest.

Mayhem’s Attila Csihar guested on The Ultimate Death Worship. The band went away in February of 2003, but reformed on 06.06.2006 and issued a new album in 2007. In the meantime, Daemon formed Sarcoma Inc. which was signed with Aftermath Music.

Female vocals and keyboards accompany Limbonic Art.



Limbonic Art