Lyon>>LION - USA

Dangerous Attraction - 1988 - Scotti Brothers
Trouble In Angel City - 1989 - Grand Slamm/MFN


S= ytan>>KAL SWAN>>Bad Moon Rising
G= Mansfield>>DOUG ALDRICH>>Hurricane, Doug Aldrich & Johnny Gioeli, House Of Lords, Coma, Bad Moon Rising, Burning Starr, Dio, Whitesnake, Revolution Saints
B= Mansfield>>JERRY BEST>>Dirty Looks, Freak Of Nature, Dio
D= 3rd Stage Alert, Steeler>>MARK EDWARDS>>Riot, Burning Starr


These Los Angeles hard rockers were formed in 1985 as Lyon, changed names and had already issued the Power Love demo by 1986. The group featured future Hellion’s Alex Campbell on bass at first.

Lion split up when being without a deal and having lost Edwards to injury because of a motorcycle accident. Aldrich and Swan would later regroup in the short-lived Bad Moon Rising. Aldrich would go through bands to reach Dio and Whitesnake after the turn of the century.