Lionsheart - 1990 - MFN
Pride In Tact - 1993 - MFN
Under Fire - 1998 - MFN
Rising Sons - Live In Japan 1993 - 2002 - Zoom
Abyss - 2004 - Frontiers

Lionsheart image
S= Grim Reaper, Onslaught, Chateaux>>STEVE GRIMMETT>>Pride, Grim Reaper, Friction, The Steve Grimmett Band
G= Fury>>Steve Owers - Mark Owers - Tyketto>>Brooke St. James - Killers, Passion>>Nick Burr>>Friction - Killers>>IAN NASH
B= Gavin Cooper>>Statetrooper, Bob Catley
D= Andy Christmas
K= After Hours>>Graham Collett

Lionsheart was formed by former Grim Reaper singer Steve Grimmett and featured the talent of twin guitarists Mark and Steve Owers at first. The band issued a couple of demos before being signed, recording and hitting the road with Lillian Axe. The Owers brothers quit the band in the midst of the run and were soon replaced. The band enjoyed most of its success in Japan.

Abyss was issued independently before Frontiers Records stepped in. The record was in fact recorded three times before a final product was released. The band’s bassist, Gavin Cooper, would join Statetrooper after the two bands toured UK together. Steve Grimmett formed Pride and The Steve Grimmett Band subsequent to Lionsheart.