Killer Tunes – 2014 – GV
X-Sense - 2016 – GV
Full Throttle – 2018 - GV
Live In Japan Far East Shock!! – 2020 - GV

Lipstick image
S= Megumi – K-Ka – Sindy>>Nemophilia – Sweet Miracle, Julic>>MAIKO
B= Moeka - SAKAE
D= Syun - Misaki

Lipstick has been active around Tokyo, Japan since 2012. The members were in high school. The band has not had a stable stable of stable vocalists in the intervening time. GV-Records (Good Vibration) issued the modestly titled Killer Tunes in 2014. An EP entitled Horoscope followed in the autumn of 2014. The band contributed to the music of a film. X-Sense came in the spring of 2016 and only Sally and Syun had survived the intervening months. Full Throttle followed two years later. The members came across both glammy and dangerous with Syun in particular looked like a member of a gang of Mad Max era hoodlums-gone-visual kei. The Live album ぶちかませ - Over Heat – (roughly ‘hard hitting – over heat’) was recorded at multiple shows. Maria and Bloody Sword were 2019 EPs. The group appeared in London, England at Metal Matsuri. Others at this show were Mary’s Blood and Mardelas. The band played Loud Attack 2019 with Alice In Hell, Pornostate and others.

The band often foregoes bullet belts in favour of lipstick belts.