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S= Chuggernaut, Mucklers Circle, Death Ray Vision>>JEFF GARD>>Death Ray Vision, Mucklers Circle
G= Frozen, Downpour>>MATT LEBRETON>>Downpour – Aftershock, Shadows Fall, Anthrax>>JON DONAIS>>Shadows Fall, Anthrax
B= Aftershock, Exhumed, Times of Grace, Hatebreed, Shadows Fall, Act Of Defiance>>MATT BACHAND>>Shadows Fall, Act Of Defiance
D= Frozen, Sauriel, Discreate, Candy Striper Death Orgy, Hellspeak, Let Us Prey>>JON MORENCY>>Discreate, Candy Striper Death Orgy, Hellspeak, Let Us Prey

Jon Donais (Anthrax and Shadows Fall) and Matt Bachand (Shadows Fall and Act Of Defiance) had a new metalcore project in 2020. This one was called Living Wreckage. The band was recording a full-length in early 2021. Vocalist Jeff Gard (Death Ray Vision), guitarist Matt LeBreton (Downpour) and drummer Jon Morency (Let Us Prey) were in. The members had been band-mates before. A three-song EP was exclusive to concerts. M-Theory Audio signed Living Wreckage. The label was already working with Let Us Prey. The band had several US shows booked.



Living Wreckage