D’Priest>>LONDON>>D’Priest - USA

Non Stop Rock - 1985 - Shrapnel
Don’t Cry Wolf - 1987 - Axis
Playa Del Rock - 1990 - Noise
Call That Girl – 2018 - Shrapnel

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S= Jagwire, Rated X>>NADIR D’PRIEST>>Rated X, D’Priest, Steel Prophet
G= Tear Garden>>Lizzie Grey [Steve Perry]>>solo, Spiders 'N Snakes - Frankie Jones - Sean Lewis>>D’Priest - RONEE PETA
B= TKO>>Brian West>>D’Priest - BILLY THE FIST
D= Fred Coury>>Chastain, Cinderella - Derek Shea - Tina Turner, Guiffria>>ALLAN KRIGGER>>D’Priest
K= The Cult, Jagwire>>Vince Gilbert>>D’Priest - The Babys, Joe Lynn Turner>>ERIC RAGNO

London was one of the '80s glam bands - think Kix or Hollywood Rose - that was meant to go places, but never did. The group was occasionally too pop for most rockers. The group would eventually adopt its singer’s monicker to avoid its loaded name; alas to no avail.

The group was mantled in Los Angeles of 1978 by Lizzie Grey and featured Blackie Lawless and Nikki Sixx at first. Fans would notice a song called Public Enemy #1 credited to a 'L. Grey' in 1982 on Mötley Crüe’s Too Fast For Love album. This line-up would not last and the respective members would go onto other ventures. Several members would come and go - Blackie would reappear as would Fred Coury, Izzy Stradlin and Steven Adler - before members dissipated. The band’s debut album would feature future Cinderella drummer Fred Coury, who would (of course) be replaced by Derek Shea for the second album. With success missing Grey would go on to form a solo career in 1988 leaving D’Priest and West behind as London’s only dwellers. The group was henceforth managed by Eric Greif who had previously worked with Mötley Crüe and would go on to manage Death. A last album was issued through Noise Records foray into American hard rock.

With member changes being consistent D’Priest would try his hand at Rated X before changing the band’s name to D’Priest. The group would decide to reform years later in 2006 with only D’Priest in the line-up from the original days. Nadir and Sean Lewis (who had played with Lizzie in the band’s final line-up and recorded and toured for Playa Del Rock) were back together since 2007. The band played clubs in Hollywood (Key Club, Whiskey, Cat Club, etc.). At this stage Lewis was a practicing attorney in Tennessee. As of 2008, the band was cutting track for a Cleopatra Records' compilation due for release in 2009. London (based in Los Angeles) would reunite for its first concert in over 20 years at Paladino's in Reseda, California on February 14th, 2009. The ‘80s glam band would release a new album, entitled Call That Girl, on October 12th 2018. The band was playing at the Whisky A Go Go to promote the record.

The band can be seen in the infamous The Decline Of Western Civilization II: The Metal Years.