Thorns Of Impurity - 1996 - Warhead

Lord Kaos image
S= LORD OF NIGHT SUMMONING [JAMIE MARSH]>>Isaacaron, Elysium, Crucible Of Agony, Stone Wings
G= Astennu [Jamie Stinson]>>Dimmu Borgir, Infernal Method, Nocturnal Breed, Covenant, Carpe Tenebrum, Stronger Than Hate
B= Incubus>>Isaacaron

Sydney-based Lord Kaos ruled over Australia with its so-called Symphonic metal beginning in 1994. The group had a drummer to start, but had booted him before the end of the year. A keyboardist was also present at this time. The band’s first show was at Macarthur University of Sydney in May of 1995. The band issued a demo called Path To My Funeral in 1995 and signed with the Warhead label. Its debut was issued a mere two years later. It featured programmed drums. Astennu moved to Norway and joined a number of similar bands including Dimmu Borgir. He also operated Carpe Tenebrum with Nagash of said band. Still, he was fired from the band in 1999. He was encouraged to make the move by Metalion of Head Not Found Records who had also attempted to sign the band. The band fell apart but soon was back when Incubus rejoined. A support tour of Cradle Of Filth took place in 1997 in Australia. The group played the Metal For The Brain festival in 1999, 1999 and more but split up in 2001.



Lord Kaos