Awakening From Abyss – 2017 - Victor
Clockwork Immortality – 2018 - Arising Empire
Electric Pentagram – 2020 - JPU
Heavy Metal Never Dies – Live In Tokyo 2021 – 2021 - Victor


G= A Drop Of Joker, Sonic Lover Reckless>>MI-YA [WATANABE MIYAKO]>>Sonic Lover Reckless – Gekijometalicche>>MIDORI
B= Destrose>>MIHO ROSANA>>Destrose
D= Destrose>>HARUNA YOSAI>>Destrose


The Tokyo-based band was founded in 2016 and quickly gained a management and record company. Asami had never sung heavy metal before and had a background in R&B and session backing vocals. Her demo was heard by Miho and the rest of the band. Japan-based Lovebites released a new mini-album entitled Battle Against Damnation through Victor Entertainment in June. Light Bringer’s Mao helped continuously with song writing and keyboards. The group played a secret show in which they only played cover versions like Metallica and Krokus songs. The band played Bloodstock and Wacken that year. A tour of Europe took the band to several countries in 2018. The band signed a deal with Arising Empire in late 2018. The band's next full-length album, entitled Clockwork Immortality, would be released on December 7th. The girls had an album called Electric Pentagram through JPU Records on 31.01.2020. The band had a video for the song When Destinies Align. Golden Destination, a reference to Metallian Towers likely, was a single. Lovebites released an EP, entitled Glory, Glory, To The World, through JPU Records in March 2021. Heavy Metal Never Dies – Live In Tokyo 2021 was a live CD and DVD in 2021. The recording stems from a March show, which was postponed from January due to COVID-19.

The band’s album covers feature a wolf to signify the act’s lone wolf status. Love Bites (So Do I) is a Halestorm song, which was covered by Lovebites.