Awakening From Abyss – 2017 - Victor
Clockwork Immortality – 2018 - Arising Empire
Electric Pentagram – 2020 - JPU
Heavy Metal Never Dies – Live In Tokyo 2021 – 2021 - Victor

G= A Drop Of Joker, Sonic Lover Reckless>>MI-YA [WATANABE MIYAKO]>>Sonic Lover Reckless – Gekijometalicche>>MIDORI
B= Destrose>>Miho Rosana>>Destrose
D= Destrose>>HARUNA YOSAI>>Destrose

The Tokyo-based band was founded in 2016 and immediately launched a management and record company, which were one and the same. Asami had never sung heavy metal before and had a background in R&B and session backing vocals. Her demo was heard by Miho and the rest of the band. The Lovebites EP came in May of 2017. Awakening From Abyss full-length arrived in the autumn of 2017. Lovebites released a new mini-album entitled Battle Against Damnation through Victor Entertainment in June 2018. Light Bringer’s Mao helped continuously with song writing and keyboards. The group played a secret show in which they only played cover versions like Metallica and Krokus songs. The band played Bloodstock and Wacken that year. A tour of Europe took the band to several countries in 2018. The band signed a deal with Arising Empire in late 2018. The band's next full-length album, entitled Clockwork Immortality, would be released on December 7th. The group opened for Arch Enemy for two shows in China in March 2019. The band and Dragonforce toured the UK and used the Extreme Power Metal monicker in late 2019. The girls had an album called Electric Pentagram through JPU Records on 31.01.2020. The band had a video for the song When Destinies Align. Golden Destination, a reference to Metallian Towers likely, was a single. Lovebites released an EP, entitled Glory, Glory, To The World, through JPU Records in March 2021. Heavy Metal Never Dies – Live In Tokyo 2021 was a live CD and DVD in 2021. The recording stemmed from a March show, which was postponed from January due to COVID-19. Bassist MIHO left the band in August and would not be persuaded to stay. The band went on hiatus and, despite how “hiatus” usually translates to disbandment in Japan, the band vowed to return. In a December 2021 twist, it was Watanabe Miyako Mi-ya who put out an announcement regarding her marriage and child birth. She simultaneously announced she is married and giving birth.

The band’s album covers feature a wolf to signify the act’s lone wolf status. Love Bites (So Do I) is a Halestorm song, which was covered by Lovebites. The band’s releases generally follow an alphabetical order from A and on; however, The Lovebites EP debut and a release of a livestream do not follow the convention.