Dataclan>>LOVE/HATE - USA

Blackout In The Red Room - 1990 - Columbia
Wasted In America - 1992 - Columbia
Let’s Rumble - 1992 - Big City/RCA
I’m Not Happy - 1995 - Mayhem
Livin’ Off Layla - 1997 - Independent
Let’s Eat - 1999 - Perris

Love/Hate image
S= Joshua, L.A. Rocks, L.A. Guns, 100 Proof, Quiet Riot>>JIZZY PEARL [JIM WILKINSON]>>L.A. Guns, Ratt, 100 Proof, Quiet Riot

G= Devil Party Anthems, Inc., Skoe>>Jon E. Love>>Devil Party Anthems, Inc., Skoe - Darren Householder>>Solo - Crown 57>>Jon E. Love>>Crown 57

B= Devil Party Anthems, Inc., Skoe>>Skid Rose [Chris Rose]>>Devil Party Anthems, Inc., Skoe

D= Devil Party Anthems, Inc., Skoe>>Joey Gold>>Devil Party Anthems, Inc., Skoe

History & Biography
L.A.’s Love/Hate was formed around 1885 by Skid (Chris), Jon E. Love and Joey Gold. Skid was Jon E. Love’s student. Pearl would join the band when Dataclan (a minor techno band) would lose its singer while touring Japan. The name would change to Love/Hate as the band had a song called Love And Hate in its repertoire. An early version of the song She's An Angel was featured in the film A Nightmare On Elm Street 4: The Dream Master. The glamsters would record several demos play around town before signing on to CBS in 1990 in the tail end of the glam metal era. The band recorded a demo with Ratt’s Juan Croucier and drafted future Dio guitarist Tracy Grijalva (Tracy G.).

Famed producer Tom Werman produced the band’s debut and the group hit the road with Dio and separately with AC/DC. The group was sponsored by Budweiser. Wasted In America was recorded in New York City seeking a change of sound. The group landed another high profile tour when it won the support slot for Ozzy Osbourne. Nonetheless, with grunge at the fore Columbia dripped Love/Hate and the band switched to the minor leagues of RCA for a short while. Jizzy had earlier attempted to generate publicity by arranging for his own crucification on the letter 'Y' of the famous Hollywood sign! Jon E. Love was also out. Let’s Rumble was eventually issued independently. Jon E. Love returned for I’m Not Happy. The band and Rhino Bucket played a show in 1996 that the latter dubbed its farewell concert (before reuniting two years later). Oddly enough, Marq Torien of Bulletboys would be a part-time vocalist for Livin’ Off Layla. The albums not selling in great numbers the band drifted further apart. Love formed Crown 57, while Pearl sang for L.A. Guns and Ratt on and off.

Pearl recruited former Liberators drummer Dave Moreno and Ratt’s Kerri Kelli to reform Love/Hate for 2002. The band toured on both sides of the Atlantic, but seemingly inspired by Love’s Crown 57 Pearl formed a band called 100 Proof. Jon. E. Love toured with the band in 2006. Predictably, the band’s original four reformed in 2007 and at a hometown, show played the entire debut album. The group, minus Love, announced a European tour for late 2007. Householder was again part of the line-up.

Love/Hate - now with singer Jizzy Pearl as the sole original member - would release a new demo, called Crucified, in January of 2014. A U.K. tour was to follow in March. Love would disagree with the use of the band’s monicker and threaten to sue. Pearl also joined Quiet Riot. Jizzy’s version of the band - now billed as a solo effort - was in the U.K. in March 2014. The singer announced the end of the band thereafter due to his work with Quiet Riot and pressure from former Love/Hate members. Jon was threatening legal action. Jon had earlier asked Jizzy to involve Skid in a full-scale reunion, but Jizzy had ostensibly vetoed the line-up. AorBlvd Records would release an album by the band in 2016 called Before The Blackout. It featured a collection of demo material recorded between 1986 and 1987. Pearl joined Quiet Riot in 2013 and quit in 2016. He joined again in 2019. Jizzy Pearl's Love/Hate released a single, called Soul Mama, on May 14th 2021. Love/Hate had an album, called Hell, CA, due in 2022.