Victims At Play - 1999 - Crook’d
Sex.Violence.Death. - 2001 - Crook’d

Lowbrow image
G= Massacre, Obituary, Six Feet Under>>ALLEN WEST>>Obituary - Nasty Savage, Gardy-Loo>>Ben Meyer>>Nasty Savage
B= Death, Fester>>Scott Carino
D= Havoc Mass, Fester, Nasty Savage>>CURTIS BEESON>>Fierce Atmospheres

Lowbrow was formed following the forced departure of former obituary guitarist Allen West from Six Feet Under. The band was formed in 1998 and opened for the likes of Fear Factory and Slayer in the Tampa area. Singer Hornberger had roadied with Obituary before. The band’s debut was recorded by Donald Tardy of Obituary at Morrisound Studio. The album was distributed in Europe through Hammerheart with a different cover artwork. Two years later brought a second album before the band disappeared. A couple of members returned to their earlier bands.

The band would regroup in 2005 after West quit Obituary. The new bassist was Jon Fronza. West was incarcerated later and had a questionable future in the music scene. Nonetheless, the band reformed in 2008 and aimed to tour. The band was singer Rich Hornberger, guitarists Allen West and Ben Meyer, bassist Scott Carino and drummer Curt Beeson. The band was the midst of a 10-date European tour in November of 2008 with guitarist Allen West in tow. The man had most recently spent time in jail and fought alcoholism. To begin 2009, and according to vocalist Rich Hornberger, the band called it a day. The band had apparently fallen victim to members’ different addictions.