Demonication (The Manifest) - 1994 - Listenable
The Apostate - 2003 - Listenable

Luciferion image
S= Against The Plagues>>WOJTEK LISICKI>>Against The Plagues
G= Against The Plagues, Highlander, Lost Horizon>>WOJTEK LISICKI>>Against The Plagues, Highlander, Lost Horizon - Sarcazm, Highlander>>MICHAEL NICKLASSON>>Dark Tranquillity, Highlander
D= Sarcazm>>Peter Weiner>>Sarcazm - Liers In Wait, Grotesque>>HASSE NILSSON>>Diabolique, Dimension Zero

Gothenburg, Sweden’s Luciferion was formed in early 1993 by Wojtek Lisicki, Michael Nicklasson and Peter Weiner. Martin Furängen soon joined on bass. The band signed with France’s Listenable after two demos in 1994, but Weiner left following the debut album’s release to rejoin Sarcazm. The group appeared on a couple of Metallica and Slayer cover CDs. The band would later on keep up the karaoke by appearing on Morbid Angel, Sodom and other cover albums. The band members focused on other bands and side-projects for years, but a new album appeared in 2003. The group was put on ice later given how the members could not support the Satanic monicker of the act.


Underground death metal fanatics may remember Sweden's Luciferion. The band released an extreme and Deicide-inspired album some nine years ago before quickly disappearing.
The band, featuring two members from the said album's line-up, is now back and seemingly ready to get back on track. Several members have been busy in Lost Horizon/Highlander playing another style of metal. Regardless, The Apostate is an interesting album. The album has an incredibly clear and powerful production which only serves to amplify the incredibly tight speed-riffing of the songs. It is a 'blast' listening to this amplitude. Sadly though, the band has decided to incorporate synthesizers into its sound. The repugnant instrument waters down the band's otherwise strong delivery. Not coincidentally, and with more than a little help from the vocals, the band comes across as similar to Pestillence circa Testimony Of The Ancients. Special mention goes to the tight triggered drumming and the conspicuous bass. The CD also features a cover of a Celtic Frost song, as well as five songs from the band 's 1994 demo dubbed The Demon Of 1994. Other than that, watch for several samples from the movie Dark City. - Ali "The Metallian"