Sweet Desire - 1999 - Heart, Trust & Respect
Be My God - 2001 - Spinefarm
Crucify My Heart - 2003 - Spinefarm
Vol. 4 - 2006 - Century Media
Where Angels Fear – 2012 - Hydrant

Lullacry image
S= Gloomy Grim>>Tanya Kemppainen>>Soulgrind - TANJA LAINIO
G= Gandalf>>SAMI VAUHKONEN>>Gandalf, S-Tool - Tenebrae>>SAULI KIVILAHTI
B= The Black League>>HEAVY [HILTUNEN]>>The Black League, S-Tool
D= At Winter’s End>>JUKKA OUTINEN

Lullacry started out as Coarse, which was a heavy band but ended up with goth leanings as Lullacry. The first two albums featured Tanya, who upon exit would be replaced by... Tanja. The new singer gained experience with her new band through three Finnish shows performed under different band names.

The group issued the following demos: Weeper’s Aeon in 1998, Sweet Desire in 1998 and 1999’s Alone. Heart, Trust & Respect was the label of Finnish metal magazine Suomi Finland Perkele. The band next moved to Spinefarm, which would later on license the band to Century Media.

Lullacry has opened for Nightwish and The Gathering. The band toured America in 2004. Lullacry regrouped for 2010 and was playing live and composing material. The band had reportedly signed to SPV two years ago only to find out that the label had gone bankrupt. After several years of sleep Lullacry would release a new demo, called Where Angels Fear, on March 7th, 2012 through the band’s own OUTO Recordings. This was picked up by labels for distribution. The band threw in the towel in 2014.


The manner that this Finnish five piece's promotional activities has hitherto been conducted is quite unfortunate. First strike against is the typical cover and photo presentation of the band. Yes, front girl Tanya is busty (although one could do without the tattoo and nose ring), but her depiction on the cover with just 'that' little whiff of evocative breast will cost the band in the long run. Then there is the typical (hello Gathering and Lacuna Coil) girl in front, boys in the back photo shot - another no-no. To add insult to injury, the band has toured with none other than Gathering. Can you say pigeonholed forever? Past the bad management, I noted the biography's reminder that the band was once called Coarse. This rang a bell and lo and behold under a neat coat of dust somewhere in the dungeons below Metallian Towers what do I find but a 1993 demo from Coarse. This old Coarse played a heavier music and didn't feature little Doro either. Which takes us to the music. The band is the precise crossing of Sentenced's guitar riffing and the hard rock of the likes of Kix and Tuff. Loud guitar gallops land and bang and could have turned it all into an interesting hard rock album. Tanya's voice, though, is more pop rock and not a good fit for the music. Still, she can sing and exerts some wind from her capable pipes. Which takes me to another point: can someone write in and explain where those elusive 'gothic' influences are hiding? People mention them, yet they must be hiding on the b-side for this side of the CD doesn't feature them. Here's me wondering if Lullacry have ever heard of Brazil's Lullaby; their nineties female-fronted 'metal' colleagues - probably not. Whatever the story, I thought long and hard about being her God, but at the end decided to pass. I pass. - Ali "The Metallian"

Past the surprisingly bland cover and album title of the Finn's new album lies music that is deliberately commercial and a new singer who goes out of her way to sound bubbly and flirtatious. The music is that rare breed of pop metal that both reckons with the past and beckons the present. There are heavier songs and metallic riffs here (Perfect Tonight, Killing Time or Zero), but the overall tone of volume four bears an overt commercial sound. Heart Shaped Scars might be an obvious song to pick out being a slow number, but its follow-up Soul In Half perfectly demonstrates the point. Nonetheless, the song packs some nice punches and is full of impressive guitar wails.
Coupled with the crystal clear production, Vol. 4 is a good gift to fans of more accessible metal who prefer sing-along and simple, yet dynamic, construction in their mineral diet. - Ali "The Metallian"