Weltengänger – 1996 – Voices
Seelenfeuer - 1998 - Voices
Of Stargates And Bloodstained Celestial Spheres - 1999 - Kettenhund
Ars Moriendi - 2001 - Ars Metalli Elixir of Sorrow - 2004 - The Oath
Zyklus - 2004 - Cold Dimensions
Mond - 2005 - Cold Dimensions
Andacht - 2007 - Cold Dimensions

S= Whyrhd [Andreas Bauer]>>Nocternity - Trist>>ARAN [BENJAMIN KÖNIG]>>Trist – SINDAR [CONSTANTIN KÖNIG]
G= Trist>>ARAN [BENJAMIN KÖNIG]>>Trist – Somber Serenity, Odem Arcarum>>SKOARTH [STEFAN BOTZ]>>Odem Arcarum
B= Whyrhd [Andreas Bauer] - SINDAR [CONSTANTIN KÖNIG]
D= Nathaniel – Mortuary Temple>>Profanatitas>>Mortuary Temple, Mortuus Infradaemoni - Trist>>ARAN [BENJAMIN KÖNIG]>>Trist

Aran and Whyrhd formed Bayern’s Lunar Aurora in December of 1994. Sindar is Aran's younger brother. The moon-affiliated band soon issued the demos A Wandering Winterdream Beneath the Cold Moon and Auf Dunklen Schwingen. A series of rapid-fire albums followed until the band landed on Whyrhd’s Cold Dimensions label. In the meantime, the loss of several members meant the remaining members would multitask. The band announced its is on hiatus starting from the end of 2006 - very much like the other moony German band Luna Field.


Sharing past label history with Germany's own Voice Productions, the band set forth two album releases displaying extreme metal with dark elements putting Lunar Aurora within the face of the darker metal frontier. As with all bands, changes in line-up and labels can mar some to the point of no return but through persistence efforts pay off. Spanning five albums, two split EPs and collaborating with album samplers Lunar Aurora hits the scene again with their current release to date entitled Zyklus.
Germany's own Lunar Aurora pave the black metal scene carving eerie sounds sweeps with the combination of mystical worded imagery the group captivates this essence musically. Lunar Aurora's music theories that go into play are ones based for the mind and soul covering an assortment of lyrical interests of death, dying and life to reincarnation. Bridging into the power and magic of the moon and zodiac influences all this is portrayed in the meaning of song content. Songs Der Morgan and Die Nacht severe what most traditional dark metal would be, with vocalist/guitarists Aran and Whyrhd both give each melodic extreme input toward harsh brutality. Considering the album consists of only four tracks but the length of each song interests the listener to new levels of artistic creativity. The only downside to this album is not enough song material but the track durations more than makes up for it. - Jussi


Lunar Aurora