Incarnadine>>Lutharö>>LUTHARO - CANADA

Chasing Euphoria - 2024 - Atomic Fire

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B= Dead To Rights, Forever The Pain>>CHRIS PACEY

D= Swords Of Scorn, Crimson Shadows, Vesperia, Bolero, Johnny Nocash & The Celtic Outlaws, Unbowed>>CORY HOFING>>Crimson Shadows, Johnny Nocash & The Celtic Outlaws, Unbowed

History & Biography
This Hamilton, Canada-based heavy and power metal band (real power metal and not Finnish/Albanian/Israeli ballerina pomp rock) was founded by guitarist Victor Bucur as Incarnadine in 2012 before becoming Lutharö in 2014. The band modified its name to Lutharo in 2022.

The previous incarnations had a demo called Incarnadine in 2015. Unleash The Beast in 2018 and Wings Of Agony in 2020. Drummer Cory Hofing returned to the act after an absence of two years. He replaced Duval Gabraiel. The latter man had replaced drummer Ruslan Lypovsky who had also handled the bass for the act earlier. In general, the band was shedding members regularly. The 2021 demo Hiraeth was supported through several videos. The group also appeared at Rock En Femenino in Spain in 2022. The band signed with Atomic Fire Records next. North American gigs with Paladin and Unleash The Archers followed.

Chasing Euphoria was out on 15.03.2024. It was recorded by drummer Cory Hofing at Coho Studio. Raven, Vicious Rumors, Artillery, Lutharo and Wicked were touring North America that spring. The opening acts differed based on the city.

Lutharo is an Elvish word meaning ‘the enchanter,’ which is borrowed from Tolkien and The Lord Of The Rings. The band runs a Patreon page to collect money.