Dawnbringer – 2009 – Abyss
Unholy Rock & Roll – 2011 - Abyss

Maax image
S= Skeleton Wolf>>TIM GREEN>>Skeleton Wolf
G= Dyngyr>>KYLE KREIDER – Brett Schlagel>>Skeleton Wolf
B= Dyngyr>>Sky Kingrey - Necrophagous>>Jeremy Starkey>>Necrophagous
D= Dyngyr>>James

Mäax was formed in Indiana by a couple of former Dyngyr members in 2007. A deal with Abyss Records delivered a full-length in 2009. Jeremy Starkey soon replaced bassist Sky Kingrey. An EP, called Six Pack Witchcraft, came in 2010. The band’s logo was altered for the new release. The band promised an album called Unholy Rock & Roll for 2011. The band was booked for the Central Illinois Metalfest taking place that July. The band went on hiatus in 2016 and naturally returned in 2018.

The band calls its music Unholy Rock ’N Roll.


If anyone would like to hear what a ripping underground death metal demo back in 1985 sounded like here is the CD to get. It isn’t an underground release unearthed and issued for the masses. It is not even an older band. Mäax is a younger band with an album and an EP to its name. This disc was recorded in 2009. Yet, the studio so-called surely is no more than four-track console (so 1984) and the music sounds so badly produced one wonders how deliberate it all is. Could it be tongue-in-cheek? After all, the disc’s title is stupid beyond belief, but the music is so vintage underground, the riffs (that one can hear) so authentic and the band’s image so punkish early death that one can only admire the end-result. The fast riffing on Bastards is the best since Destructor circa 1986! Fans of Necrophagia circa 1985 need this now! – Ali “The Metallian”