Gloom - 1990 - Vinyl Solution
Sinister Slaughter - 1993 - Nuclear Blast
Unabomber - 1999 - Decomposed
Dahmer - 2000 - Hammerheart/Olympic
Murder Metal - 2003 - Season Of Mist
Grim Scary Tales - 2011 - Decomposed
Carnival Of Killers – 2020 – Nuclear Blast

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Macabre is the name of the band and shrieky 'murder metal' is the name of the game for these Chicagoans since 1984. Macabre is all about serial kills and maintains an encyclopedic knowledge of the subject matter. The trio has influenced many gore metal and grindcore bands and, furthermore, has maintained a stable line-up since its inception.

The band issued an independent EP in 1987 called Grim Reality and received a fair bit of underground exposure. The Shit List demo and EP followed next which lead to a full-length release through Vinyl Solution. Hammerheart Records later reissued this LP with bonus live songs from 1986. The band’s shriek reached fever pitch in 1993 when the band signed with Germany’s Nuclear Blast Records following the release of a 7” by Relapse Records called Nightstalker. The album’s cover parodied The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper album. The same label later reissued Sinister Slaughter with 1994’s Behind The Wall Of Sleep EP (regularly called Behind The Walls Of Sleep by Nuclear Blast) added as a bonus. The band’s ensuing tour in Canada was interrupted by Canadian police following a member’s arrest. Yet another edition was issued later yet by the band.

Not going in tangents the band issued the Dahmer EP in 1999 before unleashing the Dahmer album in 2000 some seven years after the band’s last full-length. The band was considered on ice for several years in the late '90s. Not letting the momentum pass them by - ehem - the band released Murder Metal in 2003 through France’s Season Of Mist. A DVD called True Tales Of Slaughter And Slaying appeared in 2006. It nominally celebrated the band’s twentieth anniversary.

The band has been active on the tour circuit this side of the century hitting both Europe and Canada. Scandinavian dates with Murder Squad were cancelled in 2001, but the band played at the Warlock and Graspop festivals. The band was writing a new album during 2009, due out in 2010, entitled Grim Scary Tales. Macabre’s Human Monsters 12 inch EP was the band’s first release in eight years and out in August, 2010 through Obscene Productions. It was to be followed by the band’s new full-length album. The band was touring Australia. Grim Scary Tales, the 2011 full-length from Chicago's Macabre, was out through its own Decomposed Records imprint, with distribution in North America through Willowtip Records. Macabre has announced a string of North American tour dates for the summer of 2011. Set to kick off in late July, Macabre would hit the road for two weeks as direct support to Exhumed, and would also be joined by Cephalic Carnage and Withered. Macabre would first hit the road for the previously announced European leg of the tour in mid-April. Macabre was preparing to self-release a 12" picture disc LP version of its recent full-length, Grim Scary Tales, through its own Decomposed Records. Macabre, Exhumed, Cephalic Carnage and Withered were touring the USA that summer. The band embarked on a USA mini-tour in the summer of 2013 to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of its seminal Sinister Slaughter album. Macabre, was set to tour across the USA on a headlining twenty-four city trek in October of 2014. Joined by openers Panzerfaust, Macabre would also participate in Phil Anselmo's second annual Housecore Horror Film Fest in Austin, alongside Gwar, Voivod, Neurosis, Danzig, Samhain, Eyehategod, Vader, Corrections House, Lustmord and others. The month after would bring five shows where the band would open for Carcass. The trio was back and re-signed to Nuclear Blast in early 2020. A new album was due that summer. The trio released an album called Carnival Of Killers through Nuclear Blast Records in November.

Since 1996 Macabre Minstrels is the band’s acoustic alter ego.


Macabre is one of the most annoying bands I have had the misfortune of encountering in my many aeons as a heavy metal fan. While I harbour some grudging respect for a band that would persevere 15 years, I believe Macabre is nothing more than a hardcore band with what can only be described as the most annoying vocals ever. The screechy mouse-in-heat 'vocalisations' are simply unbelievable. Dahmer recounts the story of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer in 26 tracks via an album that, I believe, is the band's first in seven years. The band's album was due on their previous label Nuclear Blast and that label had actually advertised a follow up repeatedly but one way or the other Olympic has been bestowed the honour of releasing this god-awful band's album. Macabre were arrested by Narcotics officers in Montreal some five years ago and as a result were subsequently barred from entering the country for a while, but as of late has been unfortunately performing here again so there is no refuge left anywhere. Intelligences will be insulted on stage and at record shops. Now if we can get the band to tour with Panterrible and Stuck Mojo and actually have a serial killer attend... - Ali "The Metallian"