Mercury – 1999 - Misanthropy
All Flesh Is Grass – 2001 – Century Media
Dead lands – 2002 - Century Media
Desiderata – 2006 – Peaceville
Eight Ways – 2009 - Peaceville
Red In Tooth And Claw – 2016 – Dark Essence
Marrow – 2018 - Dark Essence

G= Christian Ruud - Eirik Ulvo Langnes - Odd Eivind Ebbesen – Frantic Bleep, Age Of Silence>>BP M. KIRKEVAAG>>Frantic Bleep, Age Of Silence - Chrome Division>>RICHARD WIKSTRAND
B= Boye Nyberg – Frantic Bleep>>Pål Mozart Bjørke>>Frantic Bleep - TORMOD LANGØIEN MOSENG
D= Sigurd Nielsen - MADS SOLÅS

Mystery Tribe became Madder Mortem in 1997 after four years of existence. Misty Sleep (1997) and Demo 1998 were released by the doom band. More than half the band decamped in 1999. Misanthropy Records signed the band and issued the group’s first record. The band helped everyone helping the label go broke so it was back to Demo 2000. Century media picked the group up. Madder Mortem supported Tristan, Rotting Christ and Interior on a 23-date European tour in 2001. The band was on Century Media, but Dead lands was issued by The End Records in the USofA. The band opened for Opeth in 2003. The act released a new album, called Eight Ways, through Peaceville Records on May 18th. Guitarist Odd Eivind Ebbesen left in 2010. Patrick Scantlebury of Frantic Bleep replaced him. Dark Essence Records signed the Norwegian alt-metal band in the winter of 2016. The band released its next full-length album on October 28th through Dark Essence Records. It was called Red In Tooth And Claw. It was produced by guitarist BP M. Kirkevaag. Madder Mortem released its next full-length album, entitled Marrow, through Dark Essence Records on September 21st.



Madder Mortem