Scarlet Slaughter - 1992 – Mil
I Was Watching My Death - 1992 - Blackend
Alcoholic Suicide - 1994 - Metal Mind
Acceptance Of Death - 2010 - Witching Hour
Death Revolution – 2021 - Awakening

Magnus image
S= Kilersi, Solo>>ROB BANDIT [ROBERT SZYMAÑSKI]>>Kilersi, Solo
G= Bastard [Bernard Wyjadowski] – Black Belt>>YTHON [MACIEJ PUTO]>>Black Belt - GUZZ
B= Edi [Edward Juszczak] – Open Fire>>Greg [Grzegorz Zarzycki]
D= Jaras [Jaroslaw Duchniak] – Bloodlust, Immemorial, Union, Amorphous, Christ Agony, F.A.M., XAOZ, Squash Bowels, Stillborn, Embrional>>MLODY [DARIUSZ PLASZEWSKI]>>Christ Agony, F.A.M., XAOZ, Squash Bowels, Stillborn, Embrional

Poland’s pioneering Magnus saw birth in 1987 in Wroclaw, Poland with Rak on drums. Jaras took over the drum seat in 1988. The band immediately recorded a demo called Power Metal. Trash, Speed, Blood (not a typo) followed. The 1991 tape The Gods Of The Crime lead to a recording deal with a label and the release of a debut album, which featured many demo tracks. Many shows across Europe followed, but the band threw in the towel in 1997.

The band considered reforming in 2005. Magnus adorned magnificent number of bullets and studs.

Poland’s Magnus would release a new album, Acceptance Of Death, on September 15th, 2010 through Witching Hour Productions. Bassist Edi re-joined in 2012. Possibly owing to the boredom induced by the pandemic another album appeared in 2021. My Death Is My Freedom was a video for the album.