Metalforce>>MAJESTY>>Metalforce - GERMANY

Sword & Sorcery - 2002 - Massacre
Reign In Glory - 2003 - Massacre
Metal Law - 2004 - Massacre
Hellforces - 2006 - Massacre
Thunder Rider - 2013 - NoiseArt

S= Dawnrider>>TAREK MAGHERY>>Dawnrider
G= Tarek Maghery>>Dawnrider – Udo Keppner – Empire, Vanize, Razorback>>Rolf Munkes>>Razorback, Tony Martin, Solo, Dawnrider – Märchenwald, Hatred, Defeated Sanity, Necrophagist>>Christian Münzner – Irony, Anguish, Dawnrider, R.I.P.>>BJÖRN DAIGGER>>Dawnrider, R.I.P. – Soaking In Entrails, Metalforce>>TRISTAN VISSER
B= Gatecrash>>Martin Hehn - Vanize, UDO, Razorback>>Marcus Bielenberg>>UDO - ALEX PALMA
D= Ingo Zadravc - Michael Gräter>>Dawnrider – Forsaken, Dawnrider, Atlantean Kodex>>JAN RADDATZ>>Dawnrider, Atlantean Kodex
K= Wild Magics>>Andreas Moll - TAREK MAGHERY

There have been several Majestys treading the heavy metal scene including another German band and an American group, which hanged its name to become Dream Theater. This particular Majesty hailed from Lauda in Southern Germany.

Majesty was formed in 1997 by Maghery and Udo Keppner and true to its moniker issued a demo called Metal Monarchs in 1999. An earlier demo was titled First Demo. The Keep It True demo the year after reached a wider audience and launched the band into the arms of Massacre Records, where the band released Sword & Sorcery in 2002. The group had already received some buzz and was invited to Rock Hard’s unsigned bands’ festival and enjoyed a slot at the Bang Your Head 2001 festival too. The album featured an appearance by former Manowar guitarist Ross The Boss as well as by Manowar artist Ken Kelly. Not ironically then, 2003’s Reign In Glory featured a cover version of Manowar’s Battle Hymn on certain editions. Maghery dropped the guitar to focus on being a vocalist here. Rolf Munkes was drafted to fill on guitar and was booted from the fold in the spring of 2006. Marcus Bielenberg toured with UDO in 2007 while that band’s Weinhold was unavailable. Metal Law was a live set accompanied by a DVD. Hellforces - featuring a guest slot by Udo Dirkschneider - proved to be the band’s last as in 2008 Majesty changed names to Metalforce and signed to, who else, Manowar’s Magic Circle Music. By this time only Maghery was left standing from the group’s original line-up.

The Dawnrider project was born in 2005 and features many guests, although Maghery claims all instruments as well. In April 2011 the band became Majesty again. The band had become Metalforce in 2008 and signed away from Massacre. Shake The Ground ws a 2012 DVD.

Germany’s Majesty would release a return album, Thunder Rider, on January 4th, 2013 through NoiseArt Records.