Through Reality – 2012 – Total Metal
Iron Gods – 2013 – Metalism
More Hate – 2016 – More Hate
Timeless – 2019 - Wormholedeath

S= Sunrise, Delfina, Titanium>>Konstantin Naumenko>>W. Angel’s Quest, Sunrise, Delfina, Titanium – Dimitriy Pavlovskiy Powersquad>>Oleksa Dynnyk>>Dimitriy Pavlovskiy Powersquad
G= Dimitriy Pavlovskiy Powersquad, Grotesque Orchestra, Bloody Terror, Contaminated>>DIMITRIY ‘DP’ PAVLOVSKIY>>Grotesque Orchestra, Bloody Terror, Contaminated, Dimitriy Pavlovskiy Powersquad – MAD DOCTOR [MYROSLAV DANKO]
B= Dimitriy Pavlovskiy Powersquad>>TOM PENZEL>>Dimitriy Pavlovskiy Powersquad – ANTON VERKHOVY
D= Dimitriy Pavlovskiy Powersquad>>VASILY IRZHAK>>Dimitriy Pavlovskiy Powersquad, Dimitriy Pavlovskiy
K= Dimitriy Pavlovskiy Powersquad>>Marat Adiev>>Dimitriy Pavlovskiy Powersquad, Sunrise, Atlantis - Deathna River>>VLADIMIR YAKUBOVSKY – MAD DOCTOR [MYROSLAV DANKO]

DP originally founded the band in 2009. It went on a short hiatus in 2015 and came back. 2011 brought the This Time demo and Meaning Of Life EPs. Ukraine-based progressive metal band Majesty Of Revival signed a deal with Wormholedeath for the worldwide release of the Timeless album. Timeless was released on 31.05.2019.

Almost every member is also in Dimitriy Pavlovskiy Powersquad.



Majesty Of Revival