Dominium - 1996 - Danger
Martyrialized - 1999 - Maquiavel

Malevolence image
S= Vomitory>>CARLOS CARIANO>>Angel

G= Frederico Saraiva - Vomitory>>Carlos Cariano>>Angel - MARCELO COSTA - Vomitory>>CARLOS CARIANO>>Angel

B= Moonspell, Ironsword>>AIRES PEREIRA>>Moonspell, Ironsword

D= Shattered, Os Guerreiros Do Templo Do Abismo, Genocide>>Gustavo Costa>>Os Guerreiros Do Templo Do Abismo, Genocide, Solo

K= Paulo Periera

History & Biography
The Portuguese goth band was formed in 1994 and had a demo called Pleasure Of Molestation in that year. The band signed to Danger records for two albums, a contract they would go on to break later. Its label hyped the group’s second album, but the company would soon go bankrupt (with two albums remaining on the books) leaving the band as high and dry as one can get in Portugal. The band celebrated its independence once again by issuing a demo in 2005 called Celebration Of Dysfunctional Becoming. It was meant to garner a new recording contract.

Portugal’s Malevolence picked Antithetical as the title for its 2012 third album. The theme of the album is inspired by Ancient Greek philosophy. It became a demo in 2013. Firecum Records reissued it on vinyl in 2021.


While Malevolence is not a new name to European heavy/ thrash fans, their Portuguese label probably is...Malevolence are a difficult band to describe. On the negative side, the boys take it on to themselves to employ some synthesizers here and there which do them no favour. The band's vocalist is best described as hit and miss, especially when he really goes for that Paradise Lost effect. The band do sound like a cross between P.L. and Canada's own Obliveon (say), and that's where the band's positive aspect kicks in. There is a lot of variety to be had. Being good composers, the quartet employs many sound and tempo changes, just shy of being labeled a Techno-metal band, to give the listeners a lot to sink his teeth into. It makes for a strong metallic journey, only if it weren't for the aforementioned weaker tendencies. - Ali "The Metallian"