Unio Mystica Maxima - 2007 - Scarlet
Incubus - 2009 - Agonia

Malfeitor image
S= Void Of Silence, Funeral Oration, Kalki Avatara>>M. FABBAN>>Kalki Avatara
G= Shoreborn, Kalki Avatara, Promaetheus Unbound, Aborym, Hour Of Penance>>HELL-I0-KABBALUS [PAOLO PIERI]>>Promaetheus Unbound, Aborym, Hour Of Penance - MUNHOLY
B= Aborym>>M. Fabban>>Aborym - Aborym>>M. FABBAN>>Aborym
D= Afterglow, Tundra, Vidharr, Biastema>>Atum

The band was formed in Rome by Malfeitor Fabban on vocals and bass and Atum on drums. Munholy joined the band in November of 2006 and it was off to the races. Fabban had relinquished the bass guitar in Malfeitor in 2008 due to several mishaps with his hand. Bassist Urizen, however, came and went and Fabban was back on the bass. Incubus was issued in August of 2009. Malfeitor announced two new entries in the line-up. Goraath and Narchost become part of the band. Goraath was on drums and Narchost was on bass guitar. Both were from the bands Stormcrow and Demon's Shade.


Sonic Black Magik. It does not get much more pure than this. Incubus, the second album from Italy-based Malfeitor, is a comprehensive attack on morality, Christianity, conformity and sheepish obedience to the norm. It is the complete black metal package. With corpse paint and studs present, fans of Dimmu Borgir and Old Man’s Child hiding in fear, the band around Aborym’s M Fabban unleashes a vitriolic attack upon the sun, the moon and everything below that harks back to Dissection, Dark Funeral and especially Immortal without an explicit imperative to copy or clone. In the course of songs like Into The Qliphot Of Golachab, Mysterious, Mystical, Majesty, Promethean Fire and the opener Down With Me (which presumably in the abyssic realm of the band is glory) power is unleashed with freedom and abandon. The vocals are venomous and the music on the prowl for victims. There is just enough of a melodic touch to offset the buzz saw of the guitars and the blast of the drums that are hallmarks of the music. The Other Half deviates vocally for a moment, yet the lapse is nothing but momentary. Dark Saturnian Chaos sounds like a magick chant on the tongue of the band with only the industrial outro, Antisaturno, the would-be squanderer of the purity Malfeitor delivers.
Whatever anyone asserted for sheepishness 1,500, 2,000, or 5,000 years ago has come to naught. Fruits of morality have failed and the message of hate progresses forth with Malfeitor. So be it. - Ali “The Metallian”