Carcinogen>>MALIGNANCY - USA

Intrauterine Cannibalism - 1999 - United Guttural
Inhuman Grotesqueries - 2007 - Willowtip
Eugenics - 2012 - Willowtip

G= Dirty Brown Eye, Mortician>>RON KACHNIC
B= Mortician>>Desmond Tolhurst - Virus Christ>>LANCE SNYDER - Mortician>>ROGER BEAUJARD
D= Mortician>>Roger Beaujard - System Divide, World, Under Blood, Fear Factory>>MIKE HELLER>>Fear Factory, World Under Blood, System Divide

While there were a couple of Malignancies running around infecting the world this US bunch formed in New York City in 1992 courtesy of singer Nelson and featured two former Morticians. Incidentally, Malignancy and Mortician would tour in 2000. Drummer Kevin Chamberlain was soon recruited. The band got down to recording several demos like 1993’s Eaten out From Within, which presumably was the band’s tribute to Taco Bell, 1994’s Rotten Seed and 1997’s Ignorance Is Bliss. United Guttural picked up the group and issued its debut. Only three years later the same label issued mini-CD called Motivated By Hunger. Another EP, called Cross Species Transmutation, followed again three years later. Again three years pass before the band issues an album, which this time is a full-length and courtesy of Willowtip. The band played shows in the USA, Canada and Japan. Lance Snyder, who was initially with the band in 1996 and 1997 was back again as of 2000. Guitarist Ron Kachnic and singer Danny Nelson were featured in the 2003 documentary Death Metal: A Documentary. Malignancy would tour Europe in July of 2012 on the back of its Eugenics album. The band's drummer, Mike Heller, was busy with Fear Factory and was temporarily replaced by Alex Cohen of Pyrrhon.