Nordstjärnans Tidsålder – 1998 – Displeased
Havets Vargar - 2000 - Displeased
Dödsfärd – 2003 – Displeased
Vredens Tid - 2005 - Displeased
Vargstenen - 2007 - Black Lodge
Nattväsen – 2009 - Regain
Legions Of The North - 2013 - Napalm
Månegarm – 2015 – Napalm
Fornaldarsagor 2019 - Napalm
Ynglingaättens Öde – 2022 - Napalm

Månegarm image
S= Construcdead, Maze Of Torment, Sorg>>Viktor Hemgren>>Construcdead, Maze Of Torment, Sorg – Obscurity, Strhate Edge, Desperator, Cthulhus Scorn>>ERIK GRAWSIÖ>>Strhate Edge, Desperator, Cthulhus Scorn
G= Cthulhus Scorn>>Jonas Almquist>>Cthulhus Scorn - Cthulhus Scorn>>MARKUS ANDRE>>Cthulhus Scorn
B= Cthulhus Scorn>>Pierre Wilhelmson>>Cthulhus Scorn - ERIK GRAWSIÖ
D= Cthulhus Scorn>>Erik Grawsiö>>Cthulhus Scorn – Angrepp, Valkyrja, Viþer>>JACOB HALLEGREN>>Angrepp, Valkyrja, Viþer
K= Cthulhus Scorn>>Erik Grawsiö>>Cthulhus Scorn
V= Janne Liljeqvist>>Två Fisk Och En Fläsk

Born as Antikrist in 1995 the Swedish combo changed its name to Månegarm immediately in the autumn of 1995. The lyrics were in Swedish. Singer Svenne "Duva" Rosendal lasted only one year while his replacement Jonny Wranning gave way to Viktor Hemgren who eventually would be displaced by drummer Grawsiö who would adopt a dual role. 1997’s Ur Nattvindar followed the 1996 demo Vargaresa. Displeased Records released these demos in 2004 as The Beginning CD. The group was soon signed by the Dutch label and store, Displeased Records. The group’s ‘The Age Of The Northstar’ album was issued in June of 1998. The debut was originally slated for Sunlight Studio, but was eventually completed at Underground Studio. The band switched labels for 2007’s Vargstenen album, which means The Wolf Stone. The new label issued a DVD called Live In Moscow. The group signed with Regain Records in the winter of 2009 and promised a summer album. Månegarm’s Nattväsen album (‘Night Creatures’), was out on October 22nd through Regain Records. A release party was scheduled for November 7th at Clustret in Stockholm, capital of Sweden with Thyrfing and Skyforger. Månegarm lost bassist Pierre Wilhelmsson in August of 2010. Singer Erik Grawsiö would handle both the vocals and the bass. Swedish ‘Viking metal’ band Månegarm signed a deal with Napalm Records. The band's next album was scheduled for release at the end of 2012. Violin player Janne Liljekvist left Swedish Viking act Månegarm "due to lack of motivation." The band picked Legions Of The North as the title for its next album, due on June 28th, 2013 through Napalm Records. The self-titled Månegarm came at the end of 2015. Guitarist Almquist left.

In Norse mythology, Månegarm is a wolf that lives on the blood of dying humans. The band is considered one of the leaders of the Viking metal sound. All members were also active in the occult metal band Cthulhus Scorn.


I am pretty sure I ordered a Havets Vargar at a restaurant when I visited Scandinavia. I believe the conversation went something like this, 'Yes, I'll have a Vargar tonight', 'And how would you like that tonight, Sir' ... 'make it Havets Vargar...' This Swedish five piece is quite disappointing musically. While on the surface (and I am talking both bio and cover art) the quintet is a black/death metal band, the actual music is Dark Funeral or Unanimated riddled with Keyboards, a violin and even an opera singer belching into the microphone. Oh, gods of originality awake! This record was delayed over a year in getting out, and with each further listen I wish they would have delayed it another 50 at least. - Ali "The Metallian"

Månegarm is a self-ascribed Viking metal band. The band's themes, lyrics and album title - Dodsfard means death journey - all align the band with the Viking lore. The catch is that were the Vikings alive today, they would surely rape and ravage the band, its instruments and its rehearsal room. Alternatively, they would go to court to stop the band's molestation of the 'Viking' term. After all, who would want to be associated with a bunch of wimpy, violin-misusing, jaw harp-abusing feeble-minded fools? Skipping the obvious schizophrenic implications of a band considering playing metal and debatable Viking music, there simply is a gaping chasm between the gospel Månegarm prescribes and the realities to be had in the world of Vikings. Månegarm's career is bound to follow the cover artwork and see a funeral at sea soon. - Ali "The Metallian"