Changing Times - 1989 - Noise

S= Black Mirror>>Uli Kurth - Sven Wendi Wendland>>Snakebite - Prophecy>>CHRIS KLAUKE>>Abraxas
G= Gewgaw>>THIES BENDIXEN - Maison>>Frank Nottelmann
B= Maison>>Didy Mackel>>Mad Alien, Not Fragile, Jump, Iron Angel
D= Mathias Eisele - RAINER HEUBEL>>Medusa, X-Wild

Not to be confused with the other (faster) German Mania these Hamburg-based crazies formed in 1982 by Uli Kurth and Thies Bendixen, had a demo in 1983 and again broke the silence with a 1984 demo. A demo simply called Mania appeared in 1986, as did another called Heavy Metal in 1987. Mania was playing local clubs and youth halls at this stage. The group finally garnered a deal with Limb Schnoor as manager and Noise Records and issued an EP called Wizard Of The Lost Kingdom in 1987. A video was shot for the song Gods Of Fire. The group was also placed on the Doomsday News II compilation by the label. The band’s full-length had a thought provoking cover artwork and appeared in 1989. A tour with Heaven’s Gate ensued. Instead of making progress, the band lost its singer, second guitarist Nottelmann and bassist and soon split up. In the interim, Thomas Eyck had become the singer, while Thomas Ebbert had joined on guitar.