Barbarians - 1995 - Pussy God
Lucan-Antikrist - 1996 - Pussy God
Krvestreb - 1997 - Pussy God
Cerná Krev - 1998 - Pussy God
Live In Open Hell - 1999 - Pussy God
Invaze - 1999 - Pussy God
Epitaph - The Final Onslaught Of Maniac Butcher - 2000 - Pussy God
Live In Germany - 2003 - From Beyond
Masakr - 2010 - Negative Existence

Maniac Butcher image
S= Dark Storm, Nhaavah, Gottlos, Iron Fist, Tundra>>BARBARUD HROM [RADIM HORA]>>Dark Storm, Nhaavah, Gottlos, Iron Fist, Tundra
G= Detonator666, Nhaavah, Dark Storm, Agmen, Iron Fist, Zlo, Hellocaustor, Darkness Of Hell, Sargh>>Vlad Blasphemer [Vladimir Dedek]>>Detonator666, Nhaavah, Dark Storm, Agmen, Iron Fist, Zlo, Hellocaustor, Darkness Of Hell, Sargh

This Czech black metal band was formed in 1988 and issued a series of blasphemous albums that no one heard, thus guaranteeing the band’s über-cult status. Thanks went to Pussy God, which Hrom owned, for this. The band had initially issued the Immortal Death and The Incapable Carrion demos in 1993 and 1994 respectively. The group’s first live appearance was in 1992.

The band issued a final album, with Czech song titles, in 2000. Being a Satanic band the group was lying.

Czech Republic's Maniac Butcher reformed in 2010 after a ten-year absence and released a new album called Masakr through Negative Existence. Original members Barbarud and Blasphemer are joined by Infernal (Zlo) on guitar, Lord Obst (Hellocaustor) on bass and Coroner (Solfernus and Despise) on drums for European shows. Metal From Hell was a 2012 EP. The title track was a medley tribute to the band’s influences. Vlad Blasphemer died in 2015.

The band observed that it is “Black Metal with no keyboards and no female vocals” which was odd given that there is no such thing as black metal with those elements. Dead but Live – ’92-01 was a 2005 video was a collection of live footage.



Maniac Butcher