Burst Into Blue Flame - 2000 - Worldchaos
The Legendary Blackjade - 2001 - Worldchaos
Over The Black Ocean - 2004 - Lights Out
Oath in Black Tears - 2006 - Lights Out
Back From The Damnation - 2009 - Lights Out

S= Yutaka Kageyama - Aion, Harkenkreuz, Rosenfeld, Thread Worm>>Hisayoshi Hiraga - NOB TERASHIMA
G= Sleazy Wizard>>Kazushi Nomura>>Eleanor - Dasreich>>YUTAKA KAGEYAMA - Spellbound, Dirty Thirty>>TOMOHIRO HAGI>>Dirty Thirty
B= Shiro Matsuno - AKIRA TOGANO
D= Mitsuhiro Enomoto - Dazzle>>TAKAYOSHI SAITA

Osaka band Manipulated Slaves had its thrashing start in 1994 and issued three demos in the next four years. The band’s debut arrived in 2000 and had Yutaka Kageyama on vocals, Shiro Matsuno on bass (who joined in 1996) and Mitsuhiro Enomoto on drums. From that line-up, only Yutaka Kageyama is still around. Hisayoshi took over the vocals in 2001. The new singer was the frontman for some of the most 'hair metal' bands in the world. The band conducted a Back From The Damnation Tour in 2009. The band was slated to open for Holy Moses in Japan in the autumn of that year.



Manipulated Slaves