Löwenherz>>MANOS - GERMANY

La Bumm - Die Fette - 1994 - Poserslaughter
Terrible Reality - 1995 - Poserslaughter
Weihnnachtsfieber - 1997 - Independent
At Mania Of Death - 1998 -Morbid
Friede, Freude, Eierkuchen - 2000 - Independent
Living Burial - 2000 - Morbid
Genocide - 2007 - Morbid

G= Mario Loebelt - MIKE “ANDREW” ANDRAE

Manos was initially a cover band called Löwenherz (Lionheart in German) in East Germany as of 1984 before changing names in 1987. Andrae was a founding member. The band’s first demo was 1989’s Kranker Tannenbaum Frust followed in 1990. Poserslaughter Records issued an EP called Manos in 1991. Mario Loebelt replaced Andreas Löhne in 1994. The group opened for the likes of Sinister and Master and even appeared at Wacken Open Air in 1996. Morbid Records released a band video in 2002. The band celebrated its 25th birthday on July 24 and 25th of 2009 through a show with bands like The Headless Horsemen and even Löwenherz!

The band’s name is Greek for muscular and strong men.


If you thought the thought of an East German death metal band that was formed in 1984 is confusing then wait until you hear this album. Manos certainly has a sense of humour buried somewhere deep within this underground album. There is no telling what the next song will sound like track after track. While a song might be a speedy death metal number, the next one will play fast and loose with New York hardcore, which will then be followed by an acoustic cut. From Mincecore to parodies of Venom and early Metallica, with the latter two being billed as bonus material from the '80s, Manos is not about to be pigeonholed in the metal scene. Fifteen songs and thirty five minutes is all the time the Germans need to thrash, bash and mash several sub-genres all in their own good time.
Titles like Stop The Politess (ha?) or Stop The Meter Maid (Part 2) might indicate a lack of consciousness, but then again this is the same band that protests animal cruelty and sports some serious imagery on its cover that relates to the album’s title. As said, Manos can be fast, Manos can be heavy and above all Manos is unpredictable. - Ali “The Metallian”