Eye Of Deviant - 2002 - Nebiula
Polymorphous Perversion - 2004 - Nebiula
Sabahell's Blasphemer - 2007 - Drakkar
Diabolical Psycholust - 2009 - Old Cemetery

Mantak image
B= Cortal - Crown Ov Horns, Unlight Dawn>>KEVIN HELVETE>>Crown Ov Horns, Unlight Dawn
D= Dezz - Psycho Sun - Crown Ov Horns>>SHAUN YAZEED>>Crown Ov Horns

This Malaysian black metal band was born in 1995 by guitarist Naj as Waffath. The band claims no idea what the name means. The band underwent several line-up changes while recording a rehearsal tape. The first demo came in 1998 and was called The Borneo Chaosmakers. The band also issued Sakhtyanic Doctrine in the same year. In 2000 the group had its Dark Borneo Art EP issued by Muzik Box Production of Malaysia. This lead to 2002 and the band’s first full-length. Mantak also recorded two songs for the biggest extreme metal compilation released in Malaysia, Panggilan Pulau Puaka Volume 4. It was released by one of Malaysian metal label Psychic Scream Entertainment. In 2003 Mantak traveled to Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur to work on its second full-length album, Polymorphous Perversion, at Nebiula Sound Studio. The band also played a show in that city. The band toured South East Asia in 2004. The group recorded a promo called Thy Sexxxmageddon. It wasn’t until 2007 that Drakkar picked the band up. Several EPs and cover CDs followed until the release of album number four in 2009. The fourth full-length album of Mantak Diabolical Psycholust was out in 2009. Old Cemetery Records issued the CD version, while Chalice Of Blood Angel Records was pressing the vinyl and Evildead Production was handling the cassette tape. Necromancer Records issued Mantak’s EP in 2009.