Winds Of Change - 1988 - Neat
Zero Tolerance - 2004 - Demolition

G= Venom, Warfare>>JEFF MANTAS [JEFF DUNN]>>Venom, Warfare, Drill, Dryll

Not to be confused with Chuck Schuldiner’s pre-Death band of the same name, Mantas is naturally the band of Jeff 'Mantas' Dunn of Venom. Mantas was formed in 1988 upon Venom’s implosion with Winds Of Change being preceded by a single called Deceiver. The relatively melodic album was not successful and the line-up featuring keyboardist Keith Nichol (who had produced the effort), singer Pete Harrison, second guitarist Al Barnes and drummer Mark Savage would disband. Jeff would revert to Venom multiple times before resurrecting the act and issuing a second album 16 years later.

Venom and Atomkraft bassist Tony "Demolition Man" Dolan featured on this new record. The second album was due to be issued on April 26th by the upstart Demolition Records, but saw a delayed release. The sound here was tougher and more modern. Festival appearances by the band in the USA were cancelled. Dolan left the band in late 2004 blaming the label for his ousting. Dolan had in fact been Mantas’ best man at the latter man’s wedding. He soon reformed Atomkraft. Other member soon departed as well. This incarnation had not worked either and Mantas formed Drill, which was soon renamed Dryll. Drill was also a song title on Zero Tolerance.