Sense Of Metal – 1997 - Live
1821 – 2000 – Megahard
Life? - 2004 – Eat Metal
Face The Mirror – 2008 – Heart Of Steel
Elegy Of Blood – 2012 – Pitch Black
Bullethead – 2016 – Pitch Black

S= Power Crue>>Stathis Stathatos – Power Crue>>Michalis Pagonis - Alexandros Kostarakos - NIKOS ANTONOYIANNAKIS
B= Kostas Vagiotis - George Karapapazoglou - Arpyian Horde, Suicidal Angels>>THODORIS PARALIS>>Arpyian Horde
D= Guardian Angel>>Manos Matsos>>Karmic Link, Blood Covered - Kostas Vaklatzis - Sorrows Path>>GREGORY VLACHOS

This heavy metal band was formed in 1990. The next year brought a demo called Try To Live, which was followed by The Die Is Cast. A Promo ’95 was released in that year. Greek label Live Music picked up the band. The band moved to Megahard and issued 1821. The title and concept referred to the Greek revolution of 1821. For its next album the band returned to a Greek label. Logically, album number four was on a fourth label and so it went. Marauder’s next album, Bullethead, the follow-up to 2012’s Elegy Of Blood, was out through Pitch Black in the spring of 2016. It as the first time the band has issued more than an album on one label. The band now included singer Nikos (Mygas) Antonogiannakis. Aside from the two guitarists, members had come and gone since the group’s founding.

The band has appeared on cover version compilations playing songs of Demon and Kiss.

There have been multiple Marauders in metal history including one from Canada, one from Germany and multiple from the USA.