Target – 1984 – SMS
II – 1984 – SMS
Hard & Rough – Live – 1985 - SMS
From All Of Us, To All Of You – 1985 – SMS
Hybrid! – 2004 - SMS

S= Sniper, Muthas Pride, Legacy Of The Soul>>TAKASHI ‘LEO’ YOSHIDA>>Sniper, Muthas Pride, Legacy Of The Soul
G= Reibun “Raven” Ohtani>>Sniper – Fort knox, Head Loose, Legacy of The Soul>>KUNIJI "MOTOYA" YOSHINAGA>>Legacy Of The Soul, Fort knox, Head Loose – Snake Charmer, Sniper, Solo>>REIBUN “RAVEN” OHTANI>>Solo
B= Kruberablinka, Mother Of Soul, The Dizzy Tones>>MANABU KAMADA>>Kruberablinka, Mother Of Soul, The Dizzy Tones
D= Cloud Forest, Sniper, Terra Rosa>>JUN ITAKURU>>Cloud Forest, Sniper, Terra Rosa

Marino was a Japanese heavy metal band that true to its compatriots released several albums in short order and duly disappeared. The group hailed from Osaka and was in 1978 founded by Yoshida, but several members collaborated with Nagoya’s Sniper. The band and Earthshaker and 44 Magnum were Osaka area’s three main hard rock acts. The group played in Osaka at the Jumping Live event at a hall on the grounds of Osaka Castle alongside Hurry Scuary, 44 Magnum, Rajas, Presence and others. The band was heard on the Battle Of Metal compilation in 1984. Marino played the Grand Metal Live 5th Japan Heavy Metal Fantasy festival in 1984. Also on the bill was 44 Magnum, X-Ray, Action, Arouge, Rajas, Misako Honjo and others. The band returned in 2003 with Raven back on guitar. The band’s debut demo, 1979’s Revel Night, featured guitarist Kuniji Yoshinaga. In 2003, SMS issued a video of the band called Live Target. The band was heard on the 2003 compilation Hard Rock Summit, which was also a Japanese festival. The band was then heard on the split Japan Heavy Metal Fantasy with Earthshaker and 44 Magnum in 2008. This was a live release. The band reunited in 2014 to commemorate the thirtieth anniversary of their split with Hurry Scuary and others, namely Battle Of Metal. Kruberablinka was a permanent guest bassist with Kruberablinka.

The band was named as homage to guitarist Frank Marino. The act had a blistering guitar presence.