Red, White And Slightly Blue - 1978 - Mountain
Marseille - 1979 - Mountain
Touch The Night - 1983 - Ultranoise

S= Paul Dale>>Solo - Savage Lucy>>SAV PEARCE>>Highway Chile, Bill Ward
G= Neil Buchanan - Andy Charters - Madame>>Mark Hays - Toby Martin - Rough Justice, Savage Lucy>>Mark Railton

Marseille in approximately 1,400 kilometres from Liverpool where the band was formed in 1976. The group claims to be the first to call itself AC/DC in the UK. The founding line-up included Neil Buchanan, singer Paul Dale, bassist Steve Dinwoodie and the famous Keith Knowles. Charters and Buchanan were schoolmates. A debut was recorded, but not released at the time. The band stressed a French theme with the 1978 debut, Red, White And Slightly Blue. The band continued with the theme releasing a single called The French Way, which had appeared on the pornographic film with the same name. The group toured the UK with the likes of Whitesnake and Judas Priest and even hit North America with Nazareth and Blackfoot.

When Mountain crumbled, the band went on hiatus until returning in 1983 with Sav Pearce, from Liverpool’s Savage Lucy, and Mark Hays. The latter man would soon be replaced by another ex-Savage Lucy man, Mark Railton. Also in was guitarist Toby Martin. The group disappeared until a four-song demo appeared in 2009! Nigel Roberts was on vocals. Buchanan and Charters were on guitar. Guitarist Neil Buchanan broke his thumb in September of 2009 while unloading a van in Liverpool. He will be out of action for the month.

Neil Buchanan ended up hosting a UK children's TV program called Art Attack. Marseilles was, ironically, one of the frontrunners of the NWOBHM movement.