Withering In Voluptuous Embrace – 2002 – American Line
The Carnage Lit By Darkness – 2005 – American Line
Awakening The Ancient – 2010 – American Line
Destiny Wore A Bondage Mask – 2016 – Art Gates
Lamia Satanica – 2021 – Art Gates

Martyrium image
S= Moloch [Kurt Dimech]>>Thy Legion – Lisa Micallet Grimand – Vargblod [Mark Azzopardi]>>Dragul, Khaospath, Myronath – Sollertia>>Vanja Obscure [Vanja Plavsic]>>Sollertia, Thybreath, [In Mute] – Sollertia, Thybreath, [In-Mute]>>VANJA OBSCURE [VANJA PLAVSIC]>>Sollertia, Thybreath
G= COUNT MORTEM [ANDREW BALDACCHINO] – X-Vandlas>>Vargblod [Mark Azzopardi]>>X-Vandals, Draugul, Khaospath, Myronath – Hemlock, Arachnid>>Ithuriel [Campos Gellel]>>Blind Saviour, Angelcrypt, Angel Blade – Sherath [Glenn Sultana]
B= Martyr – Count Mortem [Andrew Baldacchino] – Sir [Edmond Baldacchino] – Arachnid, Abnoba, Thy Legion, Solo>>SANDMIST [OLIVER M. GRECH]>>Solo
D= Satanas Excelsior>>SevenEra – Behelith – Corpsefucking Art, Nexus Opera, Infernal Angels, Enforces, Phenium, Murder Spree, Sudden Death, Exhume To Consume>>ANDREA PRO>>Murder Spree, Sudden Death, Exhume To Consume
K= Umarth ‘Necropaedophile’ [David Pulis] - UMARTH ‘NECROPAEDOPHILE’ [DAVID PULIS]

This version of the many Martyriums running around was founded in the land of murderous businessmen and capitalist politicians Malta by Count Mortem in 1999. Also in was Umarth. The group specialized in K&F. The band toured Europe in 2004 and again in 2005. The band supported Cadaveria in 2015. Art Gates signed the band in 2016. The band played Metal Over Malta. A tour of Europe ensured in 2017. Malta-based band Martyrium had a new album called Lamia Satanica through Art Gates Records on 19.03.2021. Sandra Misanthrope was back in the band.

Martyrium specializes in changing membership on a monthly basis.