Countdown To Evolution – 2014 - Columbia
Bloody Palace – 2015 - Victor
Fate – 2016 - Victor
Revenant – 2018 – Tokuma
Confessions – 2019 - Tokuma
Mary’s Blood – 2021 - Tokuma

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Destroya, Destrose, Solo>>EYE>>Solo

Destrose, 天狗座, Cyntia, Takayoshi Ohmura, Xteen, Mixx, Re:Maker, Amahiru, Nemophila>>SAKI>>Re:Maker, Amahiru, Nemophila, Solo

RIO [IKUTA YAKO]>>Solo, Yako Ikuta, Eye, Tokyo Honey Trap

Vice, Destrose, Aldious, Clandestined, Nakadashi Shonen, Crucified>>KOBAYASHI MARI>>Clandestined, Nakadashi Shonen, Crucified, Solo, Anatomy

History & Biography
This Tokyo-based fantasy hard and heavy metal band was founded by former Destrose girls in 2009 and issued the Live DVD At Okubo Hot Shot DVD in 2010. Niboshi was on bass and Chiba (the girl Chiba Kaori later of 7Years To Midnight, not the prefecture next door to Tokyo) was on guitar. She was not formerly of Destrose. Eri (of Vampire Pledge and Stupid Crows later) was on the second guitar. Next came the 0-Zero- demo through the band’s R.J. imprint. The band was mixing rock with metal. The Scarlet demo appeared in 2012. Bassist Rio and drummer Saki (not to be confused with the other Mary's Blood Saki on guitar) had arrived for this release. The band had become single-guitar now. The Azure demo was from 2013. The group played at Anime Matsuri in the USA in 2013. Countdown To Evolution, the band's debut album of 2014, was supported by a video for the song Marionette.

The group opened for DragonForce in Hong Kong on August 30th 2015. Bloody Palace garnered a harder edge following the line-up changes. Mary’s Blood played at the band Cyntia’s final show in 2017. Eye and Mari performed at Yui of Cyntia’s solo gig. Saki was an organizer for WGGC (World Guitar Girl’s Collection) at which Yui of Cyntia and Ayumi later of Bridear participated. Mary's Blood played its first show in Europe as the headliner of Metal Matsuri in London, England in 2019. Lipstick, Zeroshiki, Mardelas and others opened. In an interview for her Amahiru project, Saki would remark that she is into metal while the other three members prefer j-rock.

Re > Animator was a 2020 album of anime covers. Saki was becoming busy with Nemophila and posted online that she would remain in Mary's Blood and operate in both bands. Mary’s Blood appeared at Naonoyaon festival of Show-Ya in 2021. Not coincidentally, Show-Ya and Mary’s Blood shared management at Masterworks Corporation. The band announced a self-titled album for September 2021 in August of that year. Several in-store appearances were announced for Japan for October. Mary’s Blood joined Destrose, Cyntia, Lovebites and others and announced in late 2021 the band would go on hiatus in April citing a need to recharge. “Hiatus” is code for disbandment in Japan. The band was to play a concert in Japan on April 9th. It was understood that the management team at Masterworks had dropped Mary's Blood and picked up Nemophila. To coincide with its disbandment, Mary’s Blood would issue a compilation called Queen’s Legacy in April 2022. The package featured a T-Shirt and undetermined goodies. Eri proposed playing together with Mari in a band.

Singer Eye had a solo album called Graffiti in 2022. Her former band-mate bassist Rio was a guest. Eye had performed solo in the past and her post-MB material diverged from metal. The band issued a posthumous DVD called The Final Day ~Countdown To Evolution~ 2022 At Toyosu Pit. Toyosu Pit is a venue on the bay in Tokyo. Drummer Mari was issuing a solo album in March 2023. Guests included guitarist Hizaki of Jupiter and Versailles, bassist Masahi (also of Versailles), bassist Miho formerly of Lovebites and more. Mari also appeared behind the kit for the female-fronted Anatomy at a gig. Rio was helping Eye, but also touring Europe with Tokyo Honey Trap. After leaving Nemophila in 2024, Saki returned with an EP called Germinans.

Mary’s Blood benefited from guest guitarist Yashiro at concerts. The act's monicker was メアリーズブラッド in Japanese. The act was named after Queen Mary I of England whose persecution of her religious opponents gave her the Bloody Mary nickname and bloody mary alcohol.



Mary's Blood