Death March Fury - 2009 - Witching Hour
Scorned - 2012 - Selfmadegod

Masachist image
S= Decapitated, Anal Stench>>WOJCIECH PIG SAURON WĄSOWICZ>>Anal Stench
G= Torquemada, Shadows Land>>ARO>>Torquemada, Shadows Land - Yattering, Shadows Land, Azarath>>THRUFEL>>Azarath, Shadows Land
B= Decapitated, Vesania>>FILIP HEINRICH HALUCA>>Vesania, Decapitated
D= Neolithic, Vader, Dimmu Borgir, Black River, Hunter, Vesania>>DARIUSZ "DARAY" BRZOZOWSKI>>Black River, Hunter, Vesania

Masachist started hurting in 2005. A demo called Promo was out two years later. Wojciech Wasowicz joined in the summer of 2008. Polish death metal band Masachist completed work on its second full-length, Scorned. The follow-up to 2009’s Death March Fury was recorded in mid-2011 at Monroe Sound Studio with final production touches taken care by guitarist Aro. Featuring nine songs, Scorned will be released worldwide by Selfmadegod Records on September 3rd.

A couple of band members are also in Vesania and Shadows Land.