Fire In The Rain - 1987 - Metal Blade
Downtown Dreamers - 1988 - Metal Blade
Attack Of The Neon Shark - 1989 - Metal Blade
Vertical Invader - 1990 - Metal Blade
Tales From The North - 1995 - SPV
The Watcher - 1997 - Lion
In The Name Of Bach - 2000 - Lion
Eternal Struggle - 2001 - Lion
In The Name Of Mozart - 2004 - Lion
In The Name Of Beethoven - 2005 - Lion
Late Nights At Desert Rimrock - 2006 - Lion

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G= Ruins, Dark Lord, Condition Red, MCM>>ALEX MASI>>Condition Red, MCM

Virtuoso Italian guitarist Alex Masi hails from Venice in North East Italy. He formed his solo act in 1987. He was previously in London and playing in the NWOBHM scene and then a member of heavy metal band Dark Lord. Upon signing, he moved to Los Angeles, but after a couple of albums returned to Italy. Over the years, he has worked with the likes of Jeff Soto, David Fefolt and Rhett Forrester. More recently, Masi has released a series of album dedicated to different Classical composers.

Alex often handles the bass and keyboards as well. He plays a myriad of guitars including Manne, Charvel and Farnell.


Alex Masi had always been an adventurous guitarist who played it a little rougher and heavier than most of his shredding counterparts. The Italian guitarist has been playing his notes since the late '80s and shows no sign of slowing down.
Masi’s latest album is a snore-inducing bore. Taking on the role of guitarist and bassist on the instrumental Late Night At Desert’s Rimrock Alex’s latest album has hundreds of notes that go zero places. Bereft of emotion and feel the album confirms the man’s status as a dexterous player, yet is as dull as a communist costume museum. The music is a combination of instrumental shred, free form jazz and neo-classical twang none of which affect the void that is the disc’s EQ. Perhaps knowing this the album slips into a Black Sabbath riff on the song TikTaalik in Evolution (The Link), but soon drifts back into its routine. The album’s sole mildly interesting aspect is song titles like Vagina Denata, Asparagus Piss, The Smell Of Weightlessness or Telling England By The Sound - hardly worth the price of admission. - Ali “The Metallian”