Black Mass>>MASS - GERMANY

Back To The Music - 1977 - United Artists
Rock Roll Power At 25th Hour - 1978 - Hot Stuff
Slaughter House - 1979 - Strand
Angel Power - 1980 - Strand
Swiss Connection - 1981 - Strand
Metal Fighter - 1984 - Teldec
War Law - 1985 - Teldec
Kick Your Ass! - 1986 - GVR
Still Chained – 2019 – Pride & Joy

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Günter Viktor Radny - Jack Ernest Burnside – Aeternom>>MATTHIAS “WAUXI” PFALLER>>Aeternom

Detlef Schreiber – HANS “HYDE” HEID

Monsters, The Mystic Eyes>>GÜNTER VIKTOR RADNY>>Monsters, The Mystic Eyes

Johannes Eder – Domination>>ANDREAS GMEINWIESER>>Domination


History & Biography
The early members had met at a Jimi Hendrix concert in Munich in early 1969. Burnside moved to the USA to be with his father, but joined the young act upon return to his mother’s homeland. The band was offered the services of former Free guitarist Paul Kossof, but declined due to the man’s drug problems and a similar problem within the ranks of the German band.

This Mass – another German Mass appeared in the late ‘90s – was from Regensburg in the southern conservative and narrow-minded corner of Germany, yet played devoted traditional heavy metal with sexy artwork and imagery. The group was called Black Mass for several years before becoming Mass in 1975. Günther V. Radny, singer Josef Hartl, guitarist Walter Speck and Swiss drummer Charles Frey (nowadays known as Akron) were the early membership. Guitarist Walter Speck committed suicide by jumping out of a window in 1974 afflicted with psychological problems. Gerd Schneider from Saarbrücken, who had been in RS Rindfleisch with Hermann Rarebell of Scorpions, replaced him. Gerd had to leave after a year due to drug problems and was replaced by Briton Mick Thackeray (The Merseys). A couple of Britons had joined and the name was changed. Johannes Eder, coming from the English group I Drive, replaced drummer Frey. The band recorded an album called Black Mass, but never released it and after a while lost sight of the masters. Dave Siddle was at the mixing desk. He had worked with the Beatles and Jimy Hendrix. Krokus opened for Mass in 1977. Mass opened for Rose Tattoo, Thin Lizzy, UFO, Golden Earring, Loudness, Celtic Frost and others.

Swiss Connection was recorded in Switzerland. The engineer had worked with Krokus before. The band managed to complete all its albums with a consistent line-up from 1976 to 1987 until following Kick Your Ass! only the rhythm section was left standing. Only at that point did singer Ritchie Newton and guitarists Heinz Götz and Bernie Hohenester join briefly. The line-up didn’t last and Herr Radny, and Ritchie Newton, joined Monsters and signed to West Virginia Records. The initial albums have punky tendencies. Late drummer Michael Hartinger was ex-Tyrus.

Just because it is the law and packing groceries is not ideal the band reformed in 2017. The band, with Radny being the sole remaining member, played at the Trveheim festival in 2017. Ostensibly, the other older members did not want to join due to medical issues. This was also the reason given when the group had disbanded 30 years earlier. The act featured a keyboard player now. Burnside died in January of 2022. Mass and Monsters music caould be found on the Sound & Action - German Hardrock & Heavy Metal Rarities Vol. 1 through Golden Core/Zyx in 2022. During these contacts, the idea of offering Mass's debut album for the first time on CD (and again on vinyl) was born. The re-release was out in the summer of 2022.