Final Holocaust - 1990 - Shark
Enjoy The Violence - 1991 - Shark
Signs Of The Decline - 1992 - Shark
Sick - 1994 - Shark
Humanize Human - 1995 - CLM

Massacra image
S= PASCAL JORGENSEN - Zero Tolerance>>FRED DEATH DUVAL>>Zero Tolerance
G= FRED DEATH DUVAL - Zero Tolerance>>JEAN MARC TRISTANI>>Zero Tolerance
D= Chris Palengat – Obscuritas>>Matthias Limmer>>Obscuritas - BJÖRN CRUGGER

Massacra hailed from France and was probably that country’s first big thrash metal export. The band was formed in a suburb of Paris in 1986 and issued a demo called Legion Of Torture a year later. The Final Holocaust - a name the band would utilize for its first album - demo followed a year later. Nearer From Death was the group’s last demo and introduced the group’s new logo.

The Frenchmen obtained a deal with Germany’s Shark Records and issued the debut album in 1990. The debut was reportedly recorded in a mere four days. The first two albums were speedy thrash albums, which earned the band some repute in the underground. Beginning with the third album the band slowed things down and became more attentive to the mainstream. The appropriately-titled Signs Of The Decline also featured new drummer Limmer who was a German. The band moved to Germany. Sick continued the new sound trend. Humanize Human was on a new imprint label and featured drummer Björn Crugger who was German. Duval died of skin cancer in 1997. For some reason CLM issued the band’s second and some of the third album as one disc, called Massacra - Apocalyptic Warriors Pt. 1, in 2000.

Zero Tolerance was an industrial side-project. The band toured Europe several times with the likes of Overkill and Samael.