From Beyond - 1991 - Earache
Promise - 1996 - Earache
Back From Beyond - 2014 - Century Media


S= Mantas, Death, Abhorrent Existence, Urizen, Phlegethon, Kauldron, Soulskinner, Cadaverizer, Denial Fiend, Hateplow, Skincrawler, Phlegethon>>Kam Lee [Barney Kamalani Lee]>>Abhorrent Existence, Urizen, Phlegethon, Kauldron, Soulskinner, Cadaverizer, Denial Fiend, Hateplow, Skincrawler, Bone Gnawer, My Black Omen, Bware, Corpse Rot, Massacre X, Gods Of Death, Troikadon – Diabolic, Generichrist, Eulogy>>Ed Webb>>Generichrist, Hideous
G= Thatcher, Mantas, Death, Genitorturers, M Inc.,>>Fredrick ‘Rick Rozz’ Delillo>>Scnitt Acht, The End, Massacre X, Gods Of Death – Steve Swanson>>Six Feet Under, M Inc.
B= Death>>Terry Butler>>Six Feet Under, Obituary, Denial Fiend, Corpse Rot, Hideous - Syrus Peters – Death, Six Feet Under, Obituary, Denial Fiend, Corpse Rot>>Terry Butler>>Obituary, Inhuman Condition
D= Death>>Bill Andrews>>Metalucifer – Raped Ape>>Pete Sison – M Inc., Pain Principle>>Mike Mazzonetto>>M Inc., Pain Principle, The End


Based out of Tampa and featuring the core of the early and classic Death line-up, as well as future Obituary member Allen West, Massacre started as a power metal band in 1984 that soon would become one of the forerunners of death metal. The band of Rick Rozz, Kam Lee (who initially intended to drum), Butler (replacing Michael Borders) and Andrews issued a string of demos in the ‘80s including Aggressive Tyrant (with future Obituary guitarist Allen West), Chamber Of Ages, Infestation Of Death and The Second Coming. This last one featured Whiplash and Slayer drummer Joe Cangelosi. In the process, many claimed Kam Lee to be the death metal scene’s first growler despite Possessed’s earlier work on the West Coast. Rozz, Butler and Andrews would play on Death’s classic 1987 LP, Leprosy, before massacring again. In the meantime, Lee would busy himself with a thrash metal band called Abhorrent Existence. The band signed with Earache and issued its album. Walt Thrasher played on the album, but was not acknowledged. The band hit Europe with Devastation and Morgoth. A North American tour with Grave and ensued, with Grave missing the Canadian leg. The Inhuman Condition EP of 1992 featured a cover of Venom’s Warhead with that band’s Cronos on vocals. Steve Swanson was on second guitar. The band went into hiatus and the rhythm section drifted elsewhere. The underwhelming Promise featured bassist Pete Sison and drummer Syrus Peters. It was recorded in 1994. Lee claimed to have quit in the middle of the recording and would add that some of the vocals were not his. He relocated to Arizona before starting Phlegethon, which later became Kauldron.

Kam Lee reformed Massacre alone in 2007 and led the Re-Animated Tour. The band was absent from Wacken in 2008 despite earlier billing and a USA show was labelled as the last ever. Lee tried again 2009. He promised again in 2009 to do so in 2010. In the meantime, Lee was pulling Swedish on the fans participating in as many acts as possible. In 2009, he claimed to have recruited former Cradle Of Filth bassist Dave Pybus. My Black Omen was a new death metal project in 2011 featuring Kam Lee (Death and Massacre) on vocals, Ross Feratu (The Spook, Gorthaur's Wrath and Ramonstars) on guitar, Dave Pybus (Cradle Of Filth) on bass and Brian Forman (Unburied) on drums. Massacre was touring Europe in January 2012 to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the From Beyond album. The line-up was Ed Webb (Diabolic and Supreme Evil) – vocals, Terry Butler – bass, Mike Mazzonetto (Pain Principle) – drums and of course Frederick "Rick Rozz" DeLillo on guitar. Massacre signed a deal with Century Media Records to start 2012. The band was at CGM Studio in Altamonte Springs, Florida on February 17th with Tim Vazquez recording two new songs, Succumb To Rapture and Back From Beyond, to be released as a 7” single in August. The band was to play at the Wacken Open Air festival in Germany. The band canceled the Brazilian leg of its South American tour, which began on November 9th, 2012 in Bogota, Colombia. Massacre would release its album, Back From Beyond, in March, 2014 through Century Media Records. The band was guitarist Frederick "Rick Rozz" DeLillo and bassist Terry Butler, as well as drummer Mike Mazzonetto (M Inc. and Pain Principle) and singer Ed Webb (Diabolic and Generichrist). In December of 2014, Bassist Terry Butler and singer Ed Webb left Massacre. As a result, the group again disbanded and would not take part in Death To All's Symbolic 20th-anniversary European tour. In 2015, Rick Rozz and former Massacre drummer Mike Mazzonetto recruited singer and bassist Michael Grim to form yet another project, The End. It was a death metal band. The End would have a demo called Age Of Apocalypse out in January, 2016. Several musicians had another project in 2015 caled Hideous. They included singer Ed Webb, guitarist Matt Bishop (Lividity, Horrific Demise, etc.), bassist Terry Butler and drummer Greg Gall (Six Feet Under). Singer Kam Lee and guitarist Rick Rozz DeLillo were again back in late 2016 this time as Massacre X. The band had upcoming shows being booked. Drummer Bill Andrews asserted his trademark of the name however and was threatening legal action. The ‘X’ referred to the band’s tenth iteration. Kam Lee and Rick Rozz changed their band’s monicker from Massacre X to Gods Of Death following legal threats from former Massacre drummer Bill Andrews. Massacre/Kam Lee recruited guitarist Taylor Nordberg (The Absence) and drummer Jeramie Kling (Venom Inc., The Absence, Goregäng) and signed a new management deal. A new album was expected in 2020. Bassist Mike Borders was back in the mix. Massacre was back again with yet another line-up in 2020. Alongside singer Kam Lee and bassist Michael Borders were guitarists Rogga Johansson, who is in a new band a month, Jonny Pettersson (Gods Forsaken, Wombbath, etc.) and Scott Fairfax (Memoriam, Benediction, etc.). Gods Forsaken drummer Brynjar Helgeton was also in. The band signed with Nuclear Blast in 2021.