Masterplan – 2003 – Painful Lust/AFM
Aeronautics – 2005 – AFM
MK II – 2007 - AFM
Time To Be King – 2010 - AFM
Novum Initium – 2013 - AFM
Keep Your Dream aLive – 2015 – Nuclear Blast

Masterplan image
Yngwie Malmsteen, Ark, Allen/Lande, Brazen Abbot, Avantasia, Solo>>Jørn Lande>>Solo, Yngwie Malmsteen, Ark, Avantasia, Allen/Lande, Solo, Pentakill – Deep Purple, Riot, The Lizards, Midas Fate, Ilium, Creation’s End, Bonnie Tyler>>Mike DiMeo>>The Lizards, Ilium, Vinnie Moore, Midas Fate, Creation’s End – Yngwie Malmsteen, Ark, Allen/Lande, Brazen Abbot, Avantasia, Solo>>Jorn Lande>>Solo, Pentakill, Avantasia – Treasure Land, Herman Frank, Frequency, At Vance, Thunderstone, Heaven's Trail, Sandalinas, Sandalinas, Circus Of Rock>>RICK ALTZI>>Herman Frank, Frequency, At Vance, Thunderstone, Heaven's Trail, Sandalinas, Sandalinas, Circus Of Rock

Rampage, MVP, Kotipelto, Helloween, Kreyson, Level 10, Citron>>ROLAND GRAPOW>>Kreyson, Level 10, Citron

Charon, Mydra, Iron Savior, Running Wild>>Jan S. Eckert>>Iron Savior, Running Wild - Stratovarius, Evergrey, Symfonia, Kotipelto, Elias Viljanen, Devil’s Train, Mess, Stratovarius, Shadowquest, Timo Tolkki, Dying Alone>>JARI KAINULAINEN>>Elias Viljanen, Devil’s Train, Mess, Stratovarius, Shadowquest, Timo Tolkki, Dying Alone

Mekong Delta, Holy Moses, Gamma Ray, Shock Machine, Helloween, Roland Grapow, Ride The Sky, Beautiful Sin>>Uli Kusch>>Ride The Sky, Beautiful Sin, Last union - Beau Nasty, Zillion, Tony McAlpine, Iron Mask, Rage, Solo, Roland Grapow, Tarja, Yngwie Malmsteen, Metalium, Axel Rudi Pell, Savage Circus, Empire>>Mike Terrana>>Solo, Tarja, Savage Circus, Axel Rudi Pell, Empire, Zillion, The Ferrymen, Razorback, Kreyson - Nemesis, Pandemia, Galactic Industry, Inner Fear, Mantas, Titanic, Cradle of Filth>>Martin "Marthus" Skaroupka>>Cradle of Filth, Inner Fear, Mantas, Titanic, Lunatic Gods - Pantaleon, At Vance, Almanac, Freedom Call, Herman Frank, Heaven's Trail>>KEVIN KOTT>>Pantaleon, At Vance, Almanac, Freedom Call, Herman Frank, Heaven's Trail

Children Of Bodom, Warmen, Kotipelto>>Janne “Warman” Warmin>>Children Of Bodom, Warmen, Kotipelto - Gamma Ray, Catch The Rainbow, Machine Head, Beautiful Sin, Shadowquest, Timo Tolkki, Voluspaa>>AXEL MACKENROTT>>Beautiful Sin, Shadowquest, Timo Tolkki, Voluspaa

History & Biography
Masterplan was initially the side-project of Helloween pumpkins Roland Grapow and Uli Kusch (also former Gamma Ray), and featuring producer Roy Z, yet soon became the musicians’ main band following the duo’s dismissal from the Hamburg-based group. The group was called Mr. Torture at first. The duo were ironically let go, partly, due to outside interests. Jorn Lande replaced Symphony X singer Sir Russell Allen given the former’s better availability and the band began recording music. Ironically, Lande and Jorn formed a joint project called Allen/Lande in 2005. The group recorded an independent EP in 2002, called Enlighten Me, before its full-length. Andy Sneap produced. Sneap and Grapow, who would found his own studio in Slovakia and become a producer, would become friends.

Lande left during the recordings for, what would become, MK II due to “musical differences” and was replaced by former Riot singer Mike DiMeo. MK II was supported through a tour with Saxon. DiMeo left in January of 2009 and Lande returned in April of 2009 while retaining his solo band. Kusch had departed in 2007. He and keyboardist Mackenrott were in Beautiful Sin. Masterplan, again featuring singer Jorn Lande, has picked Time To Be King as the title for its new album in 2010. It was due on April 16th. Masterplan recruited Czech drummer Martin "Marthus" Skaroupka of Cradle Of Filth in 2012 to record for the band's new album. The new 2012 members of Masterplan, new drummer Martin "Marthus" Skaroupka (Cradle Of Filth), vocalist Rick Altzi (At Vance), bassist Jari Kainulainen (Stratovarius), were working on a new album for the band. Roland Grapow was still on guitar of course.

Masterplan released a new album, called Novum Initium, on April 26th, 2013 through AFM Records. The band would release its first concert video on October 9th of 2015. Keep Your Dream aLive featured the entire show at Masters Of Rock festival, footage from Wacken Open Air, footage from the band's Asian tour and ProgPower USA. Masterplan, and its former Helloween guitarist, were recording Helloween cover songs. Masterplan, which featured ex-Helloween guitarist Roland Grapow, released a covers’ album entitled PumpKings through AFM on June 30th 2017 . The album was comprised of reworked versions of Helloween songs from albums on which Grapow had played. Kevin Kott, who had performed with At Vance, took over the drum stool in 2016. He would play with Freedom Call in the meanwhile.

The band was booked for Sweden Rock Festival, Wacken and Innrock reloaded in 2023. Jan-Sören Eckert beifly played bass for the band again. Masterplan announced the Masters Of Fire tour with Firewind for Europe in 2024. There was a a 2023 reissue of the debut album through AFM Records and a single called Rise Again to begin 2024.


After seeing Masterplan's Aeronautics album on so many play lists and metal charts the album had almost reached a mythical status even before landing on my doorstep. Formed by several notable musicians like Ark's Jorn Lande and Helloween refugees Uli Kusch and Roland Grapow it was clear the the power metal band had the credentials. The question was could it back up the hype, expectation and anticipation?
The answer is a qualified no. Masterplan is a good collective. Jorn Lande is the Glenn Hughes of the modern generation and sings like a bird here. The guitars too are fabulous when soloing and to such an extent that one wishes they would come around more often and stay longer. Alas, the rhythm guitar is too bland. The keyboards wash over the guitars so awfully that the best riff of Headbanger's Ballroom is instantly buried. Strangely, the best songs are at the end of the album. They are Falling Sparrow and Black In The Burn. These feature the album's best singing and certainly best soloing. Watch those fingers fly. Overall, Masterplan has facets of Evergrey and Helloween and some typical power metal fare. It is good, but nowhere near as good as the statements so far. - Anna Tergel

Any fair listener would admit that Masterplan’s third album has moments, which show promise or talent. Still, the newly revamped line-up of the power metal band - hence the mark II denotation - has a few problems and a few lingering issues inherent to the group.
Firstly, calling the album MK II shows a degree of arrogance with its allusion to the likes of Deep Purple. Mind you, new singer Mike DiMeo used to be in Deep Purple, but still. The man is a good singer and occasionally the bright spot of the album with his soulful and evocative singing. He is impressive and easily the most substantial part of an otherwise light band. Nevertheless, too much of a good thing can be too much and that is the case here. While on the topic of new members the introduction of former Rage drummer Mike Terrana has inevitably meant the practice of monotonous and unimaginative drumming has become a part of the group’s master plan. The same routine drumming that dragged Rage down for years is now heard on MKII. Terrana is nothing more than back filler and little more. Elsewhere, the band is still awash in keyboards. Serving to display the band’s vanity and commercializing the sound, the keyboards wash over the songs like a tidal wave of seawater over a manicured garden. Why bands think having keyboards or having them dominate is a good thing is an enigma.
On an individual song basis, the album begins with the clichéd and pretentious title Phoenix Rising, the song Masterplan continues the theme albeit with a heavier riff and a wailing guitar. Keeps Me Burning is supremely commercial, although DiMeo sure can scream. I’m Gonna Win is poppier, while Watching The World is weak and drenched in the aforementioned keyboards. Call The Gypsy (or Call The Gipsy if the computer is to be believed) begins with a sound reminiscent of Pink Floyd’s Time and is a heavy rock track.
Masterplan is universally praised and loved in almost the same manner that bands like Opeth and Therion often are. MK II should gradually see the reputation dented not necessarily because the album is any worse than its predecessors, but due to the wholesale changes which include a transition from keyboard-oriented power 'metal' to a heavy rock and melodic rock orientation and the exit of a trendy personality or two from the ranks. - Ali “The Metallian”