Ritual - 1991 - Monitor
The Jilemnice Occultist - 1993 - Osmose
Slagry - 1996 - Kron-H
Vagus Vetus – 2014 – Jihosound
Formulæ – 2016 - Jihosound

G= STORM [FRANTISEK ‘FRANTA’ STORM] – Necrocock [Tomáš Kohout]>>Kaviar Kavalier, Solo, After Rain - Kaviar Kavalier, Solo>>Necrocock [Tomáš Kohout]>>Solo, Kaviar Kavalier, After Rain - Kaviar Kavalier, After Rain, Solo>>NECROCOCK [TOMÁŠ KOHOUT]>>Kaviar Kavalier, After Rain, Solo
B= Monster [Tomáš Vendl] - MONSTER [TOMÁŠ VENDL]
D= Fata Morgana>>Mirek Valenta – Black Rain, Dark Storm, Krieg, Avenger, Murder, Panychida, After Rain>>Jan ‘Honza’ Kapák>>Avenger, Murder, Panychida, After Rain – Black Rain, Dark Storm, Krieg, Avenger, Murder,Panychida, After Rain>>JAN ‘HONZA’ KAPÁK>>Avenger, Murder, Panychida, After Rain

T= Silenthell [Honza Pribyl]

Master’s Hammer was formed as early as 1983 and progressed from heavy metal to black metal and eventually ended life as a weird progressive act. The group issued several demos in the 1980s - The Ritual Murder, Finished, The Fall Of Idol and more which displayed a Bathory influence - until signing to the upstart French label, Osmose Productions. The band had suffered through many line-up changes and had first performed live in the summer of 1989. The group’s founder Franta Storm was even interrogated by the Czechoslovakian police. The debut was actually recorded for Monitor Records before being picked up by Osmose. The group appeared on Witchhunt Records’ compilation, Annihilation For Antichrist. The second album continued with the Czech lyrics and was a concept story. This album was licensed to JL America for the USA. The label moved Master’s Hammer to its Kron-H imprint for album three owing to its offbeat disposition and old Czech music versions. Slagry comprised mainly of Czech folk music and songs put to military beats. Only Voral and Storm were left in the band by now. In the meantime, Voral had built his own digital studio called Ivories. The band lost its fans and appeal and quit. Consequently, a planned Slagry II was soon forgotten.

Mantras was a 2006 demo. Vracejte Konve Na Místo was a 2012 demo. Nuclear War Now! reissued the album in 2009. The band regrouped in 2009 for a new recording. Blackosh, a black metal project, lead by former Root and Current Master’s Hammer member of the same released the Rvouci Vichry EP through Eternal Death this month.



Master’s Hammer