Masters Of Reality [Blue Garden] - 1988 - Def American
Sunrise On The Sufferbus - 1993 - Chrysalis
How High The Moon - 1997 - Malicious
Welcome To The Western Lodge - 1999 - Brownhouse
Deep In The Hole - 2001 - Brownhouse
Reality Show - 2001 - Cargo
Flak 'N' Flight - 2002 - Brownhouse
Give Us Barabbas - 2004 - Brownhouse
Pine/Cross Dover - 2008 - Brownhouse

S= Chris Goss>>Solo, Snowballs - Solo, Snowballs>>CHRIS GOSS>>Solo, Snowballs
G= Tim Harrington>>The Bogeymen, Moon Goon - Brendon McNichol - Chris Goss>>Queens Of The Stone Age - Queens Of The Stone Age>>CHRIS GOSS>>Queens Of The Stone Age - Josh Homme
B= Googe - Nick Oliveri - GOOGE
D= Vinnie Ludovico>>The Bogeymen - Graham Bond, Cream, Alexis Corner>>Ginger Baker>>BBM - Circus Of Power, Samiam>>Vic Indrizzo - John Leamy - Vic Indrizzo - JOHN LEAMY
K= Chris Johnson

Despite its name, the band has little to do with Black Sabbath and instead delivers a smooth, almost atmospheric, version of hard rock. The name was picked to deliberately annoy people who thought of said band - and the like - as dinosaurs.

The band from Syracuse signed to Rick Rubin’s Def American almost nine years after formation and issued its debut in 1989. Rubin had originally signed the band for Def Jam after getting a demo from the band’s manager. Goss and Googe had formed the band in 1980 while Goss was managing discotheques and doing interior design. Chris was originally a bassist. The group was heralded for big things and was seen as a contender. The debut was supported through a tour with King’s X. Goss would dump the band and, having taken the monicker, leave Harrington and Ludovico to form The Bogeymen. Ginger Baker of seminal English pioneers Cream joined Goss in the band and recorded album number three. Baker and Goss had met at a barbecue. A tour opening for Alice In Chains was cut short after AIC singer Layne Staley overdosed. Years later Goss would be a part of Baker’s seventieth birthday party in London in October of 2009. Goss would forge an alliance with Kyuss and record that band’s album before resurrecting the band and issuing a 1997 live album. The connection would result in Kyuss musicians joining Goss later in Masters Of Reality. The band featured a keyboardist now, yet was essentially Goss’ solo project. Give Us Barabbas was actually a compilation of older material. Goss next got involved in a Tibetan independence project thus banning him for life from touring in China. Pine/Cross Dover features extended instrumentals. Masters Of Reality was touring the US in November of 2010 and was hitting the UK with The Cult in January of 2011.

Goss was hospitalized at the end of 2004 suffering from infection. The Brownhouse releases have been issued in Europe through Mascot Records. Goss has continued to produce bands like Melissa Auf Der Maur and Ian Astbury.



Masters Of Reality