Live - 1996 - Obliteration
Zero - 1999 - Noise V.
Scar - 2002 - Cudgel
Mind - 2005 - Cudgel
Dust - 2009 - Twilight
CTRL - 2013 - Massacre
Icon - 2022 - MDD

Mastic Scum image
S= Goddamned X>>Will Schett>>Goddamned X - Lost Dreams, Inzest, Tristwood, Watch Me Bleed>>MAGGO WENZEL>>Lost Dreams, Inzest, Tristwood, Watch Me Bleed
B= Linga [Moser Christian] - Alex De Court - Full Contact>>Boris 'Bobby' Balgh>>Full Contact - Brewed & Canned, Days Of Loss, Autumn Bride>>Alexander Schmid>>Days Of Loss, Autumn Bride - Fornicator>>PATI JAY>>Fornicator
D= Will - Belphegor, G.F.P.M.>>MAN GANDLER>>Belphegor, G.F.P.M.

Salzburg is known for its architecture and Classical music, but in the grindcore scene, it has been about Mastic Scum since 1992. Mastic Scum was formed by Harry and Man Gandler. The band came to the underground’s attention through Rodel Agency’s release of Ephemeral Cerebral Butchery in 1993. A self-titled demo was issued in 1994. Tilt came in 1995. In 1996 the band issued a split album with Fleshless through Ohne Maulkorb Production and another with Malignant Tumor. The group next moved into full-length territory without ceasing the release of split records with Rotten Sounds, Cripple Bastards and others. The group even copied Metallica and had a covers release in 1998 called Clitto's Special Hits Cover. In the meantime, beginning in 1997, Man was sessioning for Belphegor.

Cudgel Agency, the organizer, saw the band at Fuck The Commerce Festival in 2000. The group toured with Master and Lividity in 2003. The friendship continued the year after when the group toured the USA with Lividity. After two albums with Germany’s Cudgel Agency the band switched over to Twilight for 2009’s Dust. This was the debut of Maggo who had joined the band in the autumn of 2008. Will was lost to “musical differences.” Bassist Bobby Balogh had joined in the spring of 2008. He was also Full Contact’s drummer. Mastic Scum travelled to Turkey in 2009 for a show in Istanbul. Former Mastic Scum drummer Will died in April of 2012. He was in the band from 1993 to 2008. In the spring of 2012, Mastic Scum signed a deal with Massacre Records. The band was working on material for its next studio album, which was due for an autumn release. Alexander Schmid was on bass. Austrian death metallers Mastic Scum would release a new album, CTRL, on September 27th, 2013 through Massacre Records. The album would contain 11 tracks, including a re-recorded song from the band's 1994 demo.

The band released its own Defy demo in 2017. Pati Jay joined on bass in 2020. He replaced Wolfgang Rothbauer who stayed with the band for three years. Austria-based techno metal band Mastic Scum had a lyric video for Create And Destroy. The song was taken from the band’s Icon album. The band appeared at the Rockstadt Extreme Fest.



Mastic Scum