I’ll Always Remember - 2005 - Renegade Sounds

Matrex image
S= Renegade, Brenda Reid>>TONY DOMINELLI>>Renegade, Brenda Reid
G= Renegade>>GERALDO DOMINELLI>>Renegade
B= Renegade>>JIM BUCKSHON>>Renegade
K= Darby Mills, Dance Mob, Renegade, 45>>PAUL MINSHALL>>Darby Mills, Dance Mob, Renegade, 45

Matrex was formed in the early '80s in Vancouver, Canada. The hard rock group was formed by singer Tony Dominelli, his guitarist brother Geraldo Dominelli, bassist Rob Begg, drummer Lee Hantelmann and piano man Paul Minshall. The band began playing locally and replaced Rob Begg with Jim Buckshon of Renegade. Several demos were recorded as well as a single called I Don't Want Anybody.

The band assembled the material for a 2005 release. It was issued by Renegade Sounds of Buckshon.


I listened over and over to I’ll Always Remember thinking how close the band comes to an authentic sound and look and how most bands who attempt to recreate the '80s simply come across as cheap or uninspired clones. Matrex, on the other hand, has mastered the '80s pop/rock sound with its hooks, ballads, long hair, corny lyrics and other essentials we now consider nostalgia. When it came to writing down my thoughts on the band I finally flipped the CD booklet only to discover that the recording stems from twenty years ago! I’ll Always Remember is a compilation of the Vancouver band’s music only now entrusted to compact disc.
Oh well, and too bad, except the music is still what it is which means mainly radio friendly pop/rock, AOR and hard rock. Most songs come across as something two other Vancouver acts, Bryan Adams or Loverboy, would have written back in the day. The songs are hardly revolutionary or exemplary, but do the job as well as anybody else. The best songs are probably the heavier ones like Move Too Fast and Love Me Through The Night. This last song has serious drumming and guitar work too. Check it out and remember and recall the glory. - Sheila Wes Det