Harmony>>Torment>>MAZE OF TORMENT - SWEDEN

The Force - 1996 - Corrosion
Faster Disaster - 1998 - Iron Fist
Death Strikes - 2000 - Necropolis
The Unmarked Graves - 2003 - Hellspawn
Hammers Of Mayhem - 2005 - Black Lodge
Hidden Cruelty - 2007 - Black Lodge

S= Vinterland, Harmony>>Pehr Larsson – The Marble Icon, Serpent Obscene, General Surgery, Crucifyre>>ERIK SAHLSTRÖM>>General Surgery, Crucifyre
G= Embryo, Harmony>>Pete Flesh Karlsson>>The Mortician Dead, Deceiver, Flesh, Thrown - Sorg>>RICKARD DAHLIN - Soils Of Fate>>MAGNUS LINDVALL>>Soils Of Fate
B= Harmony>>Pehr Larsson - Crypt Of Kerberos>>Peter Jansson - Kalle Sjodin - CLOFFE CASPERSSON

This Swedish thrash metal band gave the impression that its album names are riffs on other group’s releases. The Force could be an Onslaught reference Faster Disaster could be many things including a joke, Death Strikes could be, well, Deathstrike and so forth. Naturally, the band’s name itself was a Morbid Angel song. The band was officially named in 1996 and was based just west of Stockholm. The group had risen from the ashes of Harmony and Torment. A promo CD brought the band a recording deal.

The Force featured Pehr Larsson on vocals and bass, but he wouldn’t last beyond 1998. Dan Swanö produced the debut album. Iron Fist reissued The Force in 2003. Former Crypt Of Kerberos man Jansson took over the bass for Faster Disaster allowing Larsson to focus on his singing. In any case they were both soon out. The band switched over to the burgeoning Necropolis Records of California next. Death Strikes was recorded at Sunlight Studio with Tomas Skogsberg. Necropolis Records soon left the band in debt and allegedly forced a move to Hellspawn in order for the next album to appear. This despite the label telling Metallian in 2002 that Necropolis would be concentrating on Maze Of Torment among others. Terror 2000 would issue an album called Faster Disaster four years following Maze Of Torment. Viktor Hemgren (ex-Månegarm and ex-Sorg) came and went on guitar. Hidden Cruelty was produced by Séance producer Berno Paulsson.

No word whether the band’s monicker was inspired by a walk through Ikea. The band’s line-up has been volatile with only Mr. Enblom remaining from the formative days.


Sweden's Maze Of Torment needs a break after all that has befallen it in recent years. The band has experienced the worst of the music industry and persevered. Perhaps being the victim of record company shenanigans helps the band, for Hammers Of Mayhem contains even more authentic death and thrash metal and the band sounds as belligerent as ever. Death and speed meet in Maze Of Torment in all urgency helping the band gain helpful comparisons to Venom, Kreator, Destruction and Assassin. The production is merely adequate, but the band's sound is quite savage anyway. The singing is alternately chanted and growled. The album is packed with riffs galore and even good melodies like the one that kicks off Into The Bloodswarm. The band paid for this recording on its own before finding a label to release the product. It would be nice to see the band finally see some dividend. - Ali "The Metallian"


Maze Of Torment